No hurry

After being rushed around for 2 years with public school I am learning to let go, and realize I CAN slow down, and have no need to hurry (as much lol ) ! Summer is still in full swing, we are getting close to the end of July. Pools are crowded, Ice cream is being eaten at least once a day, the sidewalks are too hot for playing, and the streets too hot for riding our bikes.

We normally have a pretty strict bedtime routine. During the school years is has been one of the biggest struggles. With the hot temperatures in Texas, going outside in the afternoon to play is often not possible. We have to wait until after dinner to do anything. If we were going back to public school soon, I would be stressed out already, just thinking about getting them on their bedtime schedules again… but instead we can enjoy the long summer nights. Don’t get me wrong, I am a firm believer of a good schedule. Get up around the same time every day, eat somewhat close to the same times and give the kids a little structure throughout the day. But if the schedule gets broken, we need to be able to keep going without feeling lost. Before with our tight schedules, I had moments where the kids only had a little unstructured time in between and they simply had no idea what to do with it.

The other evening we sat outside, all 4 of us, and were watching the skies and sunset. It was so beautiful to share this moment. We pointed out a cloud that was about to block the sun, close a little gap and cover the last bit of sunshine. We pointed it out to our little wormy and she just kind of noticed it and went along playing with her sister. My husband also hasn’t been able to share all these moments with the kids in the past, and often it has been hard to put these little moments in the time off, between work and “taking care of things around the house” and all his other projects. Now there is time, and no hurry…. A few days later when we were in the car I told the girls to look at the clouds again. Not a minute later, our little wormy shouted out that she saw the little gap again and that it’s getting smaller and the clouds are moving. My husband and I just glanced at each other and smiled. Yes it was a tiny moment… but to me it means the world. It tells me that the little moments are so important, that she does understand everything we show and tell her, no matter how big or small. I want them to see and appreciate the world and see the good things, no matter how big or small.

Even though I’m in no hurry to end summer, we are trying to finish our adventure room. Everyone is still excited about it and we want to make it a beautiful fun place. We got our big, bright red activity table, the giant white board has been put in place by our amazing Daddy bookworm, and he’s also currently finishing up the room with some awesome paint. The girls and I picked a very lively, fun, bright green…We had a similar green in our daughters first bedroom, and it had similar light and it was the room we ended up hanging out most the time because it just felt so warm and comfy.

Our curriculum has been chosen and pretty much all ordered even before the move.IMG_2415

Just a few of our books for the coming year. I will more than likely add tons lol. We mainly went with the HORIZON set for English and Math. I also purchased some extra fun workbooks from Evan-Moore (really like those a lot) and we will continue learning cursive. We are using Story of the world for some history lessons, and also work on extra geography together with exploring the world and all the different cultures (possibly touch different religions)
We have some awesome extra workbooks from Germany and are using PLANETINO for german classes. (hoping to get Rosetta stone too).
Then we will go through some science, I purchased a few different science books and also some different music books. We are working on our recorder skills and also playing around on the keyboard, learning the notes and basic music reading skills.

I have also been hunting on Pinterest and successfully found so many amazing things to add to our works. Plus an amazing Library will help supplementing all these  subjects. Now I am waiting anxiously for a new printer to be able to print everything out. I can highly recommend buying a laser printer, we have been using our expensive photo ink printer so far, and the costs are just too much. So a laser printer will definitely help.

Here is our Link to pinterest, if you would like to follow us there

So my planning isn’t all the way done yet, but the we got the main things figured out, which is important to me. I know the rest will come when we find our rhythm all together 😉


Mama bookworm

One thought on “No hurry

  1. Homeschooling is such a beautiful thing! May you have a blessed year! and you are right! No hurry, steady & consistency finds it’s way to success simply by letting life become the lessons.

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