Day number one…

It is a little after 6 am and I am ready to start our very first, official day of homeschooling. I have been longing for this day, all the preparing, all the thinking ahead it is coming to a close, at least a little. The daily thoughts of having chosen the right way, still follow me often. Sometimes I wonder, sometimes I question it, and then I look at the success we have made already, the happy moments we have been able to share because of it and I am just thankful. If you would have asked me 20, 10, 5 , 2 years ago.. about homeschooling my children, I would have declared myself crazy. But now having read so much about it, having read shared success stories from wonderful, loving families, and even meeting some of them, I simply don’t know why not anymore.
I remember my school days often. I don’t know how much I can really compare my school life to a normal kids school life in the sates, so many things are different, were different, and are different today. I had the freedom to walk or ride my bike to school and I remember those walks and loved them most times. Often I walked with friends, sometimes alone. I had time to think, or we played, or I listened to music, most times we adventured and played though. Later on I took the bus, and still that freedom was wonderful.
The freedom here for kids in schools has disappeared. Society has changed, the world has changed, things simply aren’t the same anymore. I have to meet and come up with new expectations for myself and for my family. Of course I had dreams and thoughts of how I imagined our life. The way public school made and told us to live wasn’t it.

We went to the library yesterday and saw a little magic show, and it was sweet and very imaginary. My kids loved it and carried on playing imaginary things throughout the day. My little one had brought an invisible fairy with her from the magic show and carried her everywhere she went. While we were waiting for the start of the show, I overheard a mother talking to her young daughter. Her daughter had picked a large, junior novel. She told her to put it back, that they wouldn’t have time to read it, because school was starting.
I couldn’t help but feel sad for both of them.

Things aren’t perfect here yet. We struggle to find our new routine, the new schedule for my husband and daily life. But I know we will find our way. We all have already learnt to be more patient and understanding. Knowing that things wont always be perfect is the first step. I know some days will be harder than others, some might be easier. But when I look at the thankful little faces I know this will all be worth it.
We are ready for our first, big steps….

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