Learning to adapt….

Some days I still question every single thing that we do. So many things have changed in the last few weeks and there really isn’t as much structure as I would like it to be. I was always a  very firm believer of complete structure in life. Planners, organizers, schedules, cooking lists… if there was a list to be made, I would make it. And I still do, to a point. If I have a schedule, or a  plan than already in my head ,I have a backup plan. If that one fails, somewhere is something else to fall back on.

Is that the case in real life ? it is good to have a plan B, but sometimes you have to live in the moment and there are simply things you can’t prepare for. I am learning that, giving more freedom and trying to let creativity take over, is a better way to solve things.

I was all for the laid out curriculum. I couldn’t find a complete curriculum for every subject that I wanted to include in our year, but I thought I could make it that way. Reading so many things about homeschooling in the last year, things seemed overwhelming at some point. What did I really like, which curriculum and method was for me ? I love how unschoolers live, I love how sure they are about themselves, how sure and proud they are of their kids and how much confidence they have in all of it. Then I look at the more structured homeschoolers and I find it all so very amazing how they get things done, how they memorize everything from the presidents to the bible at the age of 4. Laundry is scheduled, meal plans are planned or the food is fully cooked ahead. And while every group has really something amazing about them I know they probably didn’t start that way. They learnt to adapt. Something we just talked about in science. Plants adapt, animals adapt and humans adapt too. That’s pretty much the reason why we homeschool. Adapting can take some time, and the end result doesn’t just show up overnight. Most of us have to adapt their whole life. I have been adapting for sure since I came to this country, nearly 10 years ago.

We have had so many amazing fascinating moments. And yes we had some moments not so fascinating. But HONESTLY, the amazing moments are surely in the lead. Everyone in my family seems to be happy, I am the main worrier most days. My husbands fully trusts me with all the crazy decisions I make, which kind of scares me some days, lol. He is interested in everything we do, and will help in any way, but still that he really never shows doubts in me amazes me. My mum supports me with amazing material from Germany and we are starting to have a little community of homeschoolers all around us. Some days we are out all day, some days we sink deep into our work and enjoy just being by ourselves. And that is just fine.

Hello again

Fall has arrived in our little part of the world. It is getting colder and getting darker faster. Our homeschooling adventures have really taken off and most times I couldn’t be more thrilled about how things have developed. To think that we officially are only doing this for about 4 months now, I think we are doing pretty awesome. I still struggle with finding the right rhythm to our days sometimes, and my husbands schedule changing a few times, sometimes our schedules don’t add up, but we have also learnt to be more flexible.

We have had some awesome fieldtrips and big and little adventures. we have been going to the park almost every other day and the girls are the queens of the playground. The have chases bugs and discovered bugs they never saw before, like an amazing leafbug just a few days ago. How I wish I would have had my camera handy, but I have also learnt to live in the moment and to just memorize the moment as it was, even without the picture. Then again, I want to make it a point and pull the camera out even during our “boring” homeschool days and document the little conversations, giggles and maybe even struggles.

We have come along way. Days of, I don’t know what to do are slowly disappearing, and even in moments like right now, all of us are home and we all have found something to do, by ourselves, independently.

One of our struggling subjects has been math for my oldest, but even there we are learning what her strengths are and mainly it is just a little focus problem, nothing dramatically.

History has been simply incredible. Story of the world has been so much fun, and it has been amazing to teach them all this history. We have combined books from the library and also some videos we found on Netflix or amazon prime.  Sometimes questions have come up, which seriously surprised and amazed me and also assured me that we are totally on the right path.

Our little one has started reading. She is reading the beginners reading books at 4 years old. She has been working with READING EGGS and loves it. To see her so excited about learning has been wonderful and something I was really hoping for, since she wasn’t as excited about this a few months ago.

We have visited some wonderful museums, the police station for an open door day, visited the local markets, zoo, painting class with friends and at an art studio, we made cakes, baked bread. We combined old and new traditions from the US and my country Germany. Made crafts and learnt songs. We discovered all about France and just started studying Great Britain

Homeschooling has really taken us on a journey. And not just about learning about the world but it has taught us so much about ourselves, myself and my kids. Not ever moment has been easy but ever one of them has been worth it.