Book Review { A year of living dangerously }

With the start of our homeschooling year I actually found myself reading a lot more again as well. Many new subjects to explore and the world of homeschooling just seemed to get bigger by the minute. The start of homeschooling was a new beginning for us in a few ways. One was also a move to another city, and that meant new libraries (yay) ! We came from a small little town, and moved to a larger city, with lots and lots of big cities around us. After settling in a little bit, I had made myself a pretty good list of books I would love to read again and especially about homeschooling.

I especially love books, that write from a personal experience and aren’t just theoretical. Often I just want to connect more to the people and their choices. A year of living dangerously was one of those books for me. Quinn Cummings describes the adventure of homeschooling her daughter beautifully and with much joy and it was easy to relate to her and her family. As a beginner homeschooler I could already relate to different subjects she described like the many, different kinds of homeschoolers and groups that exists these days. After having just moved into this community, and having received a wonderful, warm welcome of SO MANY different homeschool groups I could really relate to her experiences as well.

When you don’t really know in which group you belong yourself yet, it helps to read from a different perspective sometimes. I came across a few people that described her year of homeschooling, more as an experiment to write about, but I personally don’t think she meant it that way and only chose to write about it because she found herself in a “new world” that she didn’t even believe existed in the way that she did find it in !

There are so many ways of homeschooling these days in the USA, and I think it is beautiful that we have the choice of how we want to educate our children. Cummings book was a light reading but I enjoyed it so much that I found it hard to put the book away. With many worries at the beginning of homeschooling this is what I needed to read  !

I just signed up to be an amazon associate, it just gives me a great reason to write about the things I / we love and possibly a chance to help our homeschool budget ! Your support is much appreciated !

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