Day 2 Crayon ART

I am sure you all have seen the Pin of the melted crayon art on canvas. I have had it pinned for months, and never thought we would get to it. But part of homeschooling is actually DOING more of what you LIKE again and even more important what your kids have interest in. So I told the girls about it, showed them some versions and we went for it. We have a huuuuuuge box of old crayons that we always go back to, for these kind of crafts. We did another one a few years back, melted old ones and created new crayons. SO NEVER get rid of your old crayons 😉

I liked the versions, where the crayons don’t actually get glued to the canvas, so we took a little piece of cardboard and glued them straight onto that. I also loved the look of the crayons against a black canvas. After going to the craft store I was shocked how much more expensive the black ones were. My brilliant 4 year old suggested, why not just paint it black ourselves.I took a big brush and started putting on a nice black layer. The cardboard fit right above the actual canvas, and with our easel it just laid on top of it. The kids chose their favorite crayon colors and unwrapped all the paper. Next I glued them onto the cardboard.
We laid out paper and some old towels (yes this project can be very messy) and got the hairdryer. My husband suggested a glue gun and certainly something like that could work even better but a hairdryer was all we had. It took a few minutes to get it started but then the melting began 😉

It was a lot of fun. Took a little bit of patience and it was a little messy, but overall a very fun craft ! The kids got a few turns holding the hairdryer, but they went a little crazy with it and paint or better wax starting going everywhere, so I eventually took over and just let them have short turns.






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