Another visit with the ” Library” dogs

We went back to the Library today to see and read with the Therapy dogs. We had gone last month, and got lucky as we were almost the only ones that had showed up. Part of me was hoping for more people there today, another wished we could have all the doggies for ourselves again. We were running late but made it in and got tickets. Lots more people were eager to read with the dogs today, which made me happy after all, because it means programs like these are getting used and hopefully more and more will be available !

The girls only got to read to one doggy each today, but they sure enjoyed it. I always love talking to the dog owners, they share wonderful stories and it is always such a welcome note when they comment on the girls reading skills and them overall. Each time ,without  me starting the conversation it has led to homeschooling, and I was excited to hear from one of the gentlemen today that his daughter was starting her own homeschool journey with her 5 year old, and that him and his wife were fully supporting the idea.

It is amazing how much the community of homeschoolers has grown in the last few years. Even in the year that I have started, I have seen so many changes. I saw communities grow together in a few different cities, due to our move, and it’s just amazing what people can accomplish when they work together. Homeschoolers have more possibilities than ever, I believe. There are no limits !

We also picked up the summer reading log and are excited for a summer of little adventures at our local library ! Libraries are such an amazing thing. I have seen it through my kids, the first look when we enter a new library. That curious look,  and the feeling that a new treasure lies just around the corner. Discovering new books, new series, science books and so on has been exciting for them and sparked my own interest again in many different subjects. I remembered a long ago list of books I have been wanting to read. With the library your possibilities are open, not just for your kids but also for yourself !





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