Meet Curious George

We have a new little family addition, well it will only be temporarily. Our garden this year is pretty successful and we have quite a few things growing. We planted tomatoes, cucumbers, lots of strawberries, black berries, bellpeppers, parsley and dill. Recently we noticed a few little things on our dill, especially. Caterpillars…

I have been wanting to do the caterpillar “project” for months, but the time hasn’t been right and I wasn’t able to purchase it.
But if you have the time and just want to order this, I can only highly recommend it.

We might still buy it, just because it has been so much fun to watch this little guy and I really need my glass vase back ;))

At first we watched the caterpillar outside in the dill for a few days and I kept researching a few facts ( I didn’t want anything to go wrong, for the kids sake and the caterpillars of course ) . We quickly found out, he was a black  eastern swallowtail. After finding a few more members of his family, I didn’t feel so bad to take one away. And I am very glad I did, because some of the others disappeared days after. Not sure what happened to them.



We took a very large vase, filled it with some dirt, a few long branches and sticks, and lots and lots of fresh dill. I covered it with a thin sheet of aluminum foil and added some holes. It is pretty incredible to see this little guy eat and crawl around. The girls have been checking on him , drawing pictures and doing lots of their own research.




He just started the pupa stage, so we are very excited to see him change !



Here is a video of our little friend munching on some dill 🙂

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