Moving beyond the page interview

This is such a fun interview done by Savy Homeschool Moms Interview  (click here to listen ) interviewing the cofounder of Moving beyond the page  Keith Howe. They talk about a lot of things, how the curriculum started how the curriculum works and how it is different from other curricula.

If you need more info and are unsure about choosing your new curricula you will enjoy this Interview and you will learn some wonderful info about the company. Keith Howe talks about why his family started the homeschool journey, how the curriculum is put together and who designs a lot of it. The moms and Keith mention some of the amazing books  and novels that are being used throughout and explain how they all tie together using English arts literature, science and social studies. A very fun interview, that might just answer a lot of your questions about using this great curriculum.

Homeschool shirts

Just a super, quick note !! There is an awesome sale going on at I have lots of friends that have ordered from them before and I always loved their shirts. I finally ordered the whole family some !! Even Dad 🙂 I am thrilled he is on board just getting one, I am sure we will love wearing them to some fieldtrips !


Many shirts are almost sold out.. good luck

Extra resources for MBTP

With Moving beyond the Page, you are always encouraged to do more research on the topics you are working on. A lot of the projects for the older kids have research projects in their lessons. We often end up doing a lot more beyond the lessons though. Because once you start it is hard to stop 😉

We have found some great fun additions through Pinterest and especially also on YOUTUBE.

I am still trying to organize my messy boards a bit ( as much as I love organization, it still isn’t my strongest side) So if you are willing to fight your way through a little bit, you are more than welcome to check out what we have pinned and saved for our levels 5-7 and 8-10. 

Ps.: I highly recommend Pinterest and youtube. Get an account if you don’t have one yet, it makes life so much easier if you can save it all on your list or on your board. You can pin Youtube videos easily onto your board on pinterest and you would have it all in one place !




Painting Terra Cotta Pots

I remembered a fun craft from my elementary days. Painting clay pots. You can easily find them at the craft store, or even at the Hardware store, possibly cheaper. I found ours at Home Depot and I think the small ones were like $1 each, and the plate it sits on is a few cents. This is a pretty easy craft, and fairly cheap as well.  IT would also be a great craft for birthday parties, gatherings, co-ops.

The girls were very excited about doing this fun craft. While we were at Home Depot, we also picked out a few little plants that could live in the pots. Endless possibilities, you could make a classroom pet flower, or make them as gifts, or just to keep some herbs in your kitchen.




Before we started we laid everything out and protected our furniture and clothes. By now we have a huge variety of colors, ( just buy the big ones from Michaels, when they are on sale) and this kids thought about their designs. As you can see our Jellybean was very interested as well. Never a dull moment here 😉

We used Acrylic Paint and just lots of different brushes.


After we had discussed the designs, I pretty much just let them go 😉

After a few hours we had our finished products 🙂 Little Miss A did the stripe design and Miss H did the flower design. Lately her favorite color is blue.  Unfortunately our curious cats knocked Miss A’s off the window sill only a day after and it shattered into a zillion pieces. Sigh. It is hard to have any flowers in our house. Snickers is by far the most curious cat ever yet. Miss A was pretty understanding about what happened and Daddy stopped at the Hardware store again to buy a new one. Guess we will be doing this again 😉 I don’t really mind 🙂


Also , if you do plan to use them outside, don’t forget to use a sealer at the end !


Curious George takes flight

Maybe some of you read the post about our little friend, Curious George, the caterpillar.  See here

We had a lot of fun raising him, watching him eat (my whole) dill and seeing him grow.

I think it was pretty amazing to the girls, to really watch him so closely and see his transformation. I had never done this before and was a bit worried about maybe, making a mistake and finding a tragic ending. Luckily, I can tell you already, George had a happy ending and took flight a few weeks ago.

We had visited our Library recently to watch a great show about bugs. The bug guy told us many amazing things and also had some live bugs with him. Of course the girls were excited to meet him after the show and talk about our George. We weren’t sure when and how he would turn into a chrysalis so we had a few questions. He told us, as warm as it has been, he should turn darker quickly and it shouldn’t take long at all before we had a butterfly. Well, we were keeping George in the school room, away from our curious cats, and it got me thinking, that maybe it was too cold (ac) in our house. So we moved him back outside, to a safe spot.

And a few days later, we had a butterfly 🙂

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Exploring our home

We didn’t wait long to get started once our big box arrived from Moving beyond the page. After all we were nearly finished with most of our curriculum from last year, and the rest was easy to fit in with MBTP. The little one was excited about the first lesson.

Her  first big project was all about discovering our own home. We did a scavenger hunt through the house and started mapping. We also read one of the first books, Me on the Map.

She was so proud to have her own set of curriculum now. Big sister was a bit jealous this day because we had to finish up a few “boring” lessons from the other stuff before, but she was excited to help coloring the big poster a little bit. Overall a pretty awesome day of homeschooling for us 🙂




A new year, a new curriculum

We are already in the middle of our new curriculum. Around spring time this year I was getting a head start to look for new curriculum for the coming year. After a lot of research we decided for Moving beyond the page.

Follow us through the year and discover this awesome curriculum with us.

We will be covering the years 8-10  and also 5-7 . Underneath you can see some pictures of our ” BOX DAY”. The day all our new curriculum arrived. We had a blast going through everything


I am proud to announce that I am  officially affiliated with MOVING BEYOND THE PAGE now. I would be happy to help you in any way to choose the right Level for you. Since homeschooling made me cut back a little bit on my working life, I am hoping I can be a financial help for my family this way and I would appreciate your support.  So if you are a new customer for Moving beyond the Page and would like to support us, please link to the website through our website.

Thank you so much ,

Mama bookworm.









My top ten homeschool websites

I have had several emails this week, asking for general information about homeschooling. I can’t even explain you how happy that makes me. It shows me that, what we are doing, is inspiring people, that people are sick of the day to day and being told how to raise their children, and that people want to have a bigger part in their children’s lives and ,most of all education.

After writing these emails, I noticed there are several websites I keep referring to.
So I figured I would share them with you here.

1.) PracticalHomeschooling

I love this facebook website. At the beginning, before we even started, I joined the fanpage. And just by reading everyone’s questions, I got such a great insight of what homeschooling CAN look like, and how many different faces it can actually have. Little glimpses of different curriculums were mentioned, a great read-a-long page.

2.)  project based homeschooling

Project based homeschooling, is a learning approach to let kids explore and work independently. It is certainly a type of homeschooling, a philosophy maybe, that can work with many other different types of homeschooling. After our first year, I quickly learnt that I want to be more open, have a more gentle approach in our homeschool journey and also that I want to trust my kids more with making their own decissions. Great website, fanpage to follow, with so many ideas !

3.) Pinterest

Yes Pinterest, just all by itself. The amount of information you can find there is amazing. Most homeschoolers make several boards, for all kinds of subjects and grades. There is so much teacher and homeschool related stuff, you can spend hours there. And best of all, you can find many things for FREE !


Laws, Laws, Laws.. Of course, when it comes to homeschooling there are some things we have to watch out for. Depending on your state and country, you live in, the laws can be very laid back or there might be several things you need to know about to be a safe homeschooler in your state. Overall nothing to worry about, but this page gives you quick information about how to homeschool in your state.

5.) homeschoolbuyersco-op

The homeschool buyers co-op is a great resource website for curriculum. First thing I did, after signing up was to print my homeschool ID which gave me access to a lot of great savings at local stores. Most states and with that the stores, see homeschooling equal with private schools, so you are eligible for most teacher discounts.

6.) rainbowresource

Since we are talking curriculum. Oh how overwhelming it can be. There are so many things to look at, look out for and decide at the beginning. Biggest question when beginning to look at curriculum. Religious or secular. I still look at all curriculum a lot of times, even though we are more secular homeschoolers. There can still be great resources in the religious materials and you may just be able to make it work for you and your family ! Ps make sure you order a catalogue.

7. ) cathyduffyreviews

To get some good insights and read reviews, this page is one you will be referred to, over and over again. Nearly every curriculum has been referred here and you will find great overviews of each curriculum you are looking for.

8. ) timberdoodle

Such a fun website. This is one, I found early in my homeschool journey and ended up picking a lot of curriculum from. They have core curriculum boxes, which I just ended up picking my favorite’s from. Great customer service though the company as well !

9.) confessionsofahomeschooler

To throw in another blog, this is one I would recommend in a heartbeat. One I started following early and it has a great mix of articles with lots of great ideas for homeschooling in general. Such a fun and cute family to read about !


One of the question I get asked most, what curriculum do you guys use… MBTP is what we are mainly currently using. For our first year I picked and chose most everything on my own from all the websites. A little from this company, a little from here etc.. Then I found moving beyond the page and just fell in love with the idea of a literature based curriculum. It has its pros and cons, which I will explain in another post one day. But for now we are very happy with it !

Ooooh how many more websites I could list. Every time people ask me for homeschool resources, websites etc it is so hard to point them in the right direction because by now, there are simply so, so many. Which is of course a good thing but it can be overwhelming fast. If you are lucky you will find your little place of homeschool happiness fast, and just follow a few people but more than likely you will be addicted to reading more and more, which of course is a good thing too 🙂
Learning is never done, and there are so many amazing homeschool families out there that share their wisdom with us newbies ! Don’t be scared to ask questions, most of us are just excited to share some info with you !

Thanks for stopping by,
hope you found the websites helpful

Mama bookworm