A new year, a new curriculum

We are already in the middle of our new curriculum. Around spring time this year I was getting a head start to look for new curriculum for the coming year. After a lot of research we decided for Moving beyond the page.

Follow us through the year and discover this awesome curriculum with us.

We will be covering the years 8-10  and also 5-7 . Underneath you can see some pictures of our ” BOX DAY”. The day all our new curriculum arrived. We had a blast going through everything


I am proud to announce that I am  officially affiliated with MOVING BEYOND THE PAGE now. I would be happy to help you in any way to choose the right Level for you. Since homeschooling made me cut back a little bit on my working life, I am hoping I can be a financial help for my family this way and I would appreciate your support.  So if you are a new customer for Moving beyond the Page and would like to support us, please link to the website through our website.

Thank you so much ,

Mama bookworm.









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