Curious George takes flight

Maybe some of you read the post about our little friend, Curious George, the caterpillar.  See here

We had a lot of fun raising him, watching him eat (my whole) dill and seeing him grow.

I think it was pretty amazing to the girls, to really watch him so closely and see his transformation. I had never done this before and was a bit worried about maybe, making a mistake and finding a tragic ending. Luckily, I can tell you already, George had a happy ending and took flight a few weeks ago.

We had visited our Library recently to watch a great show about bugs. The bug guy told us many amazing things and also had some live bugs with him. Of course the girls were excited to meet him after the show and talk about our George. We weren’t sure when and how he would turn into a chrysalis so we had a few questions. He told us, as warm as it has been, he should turn darker quickly and it shouldn’t take long at all before we had a butterfly. Well, we were keeping George in the school room, away from our curious cats, and it got me thinking, that maybe it was too cold (ac) in our house. So we moved him back outside, to a safe spot.

And a few days later, we had a butterfly 🙂

1P2B0118gp 1P2B0130GP 1P2B0142GP 1P2B0154GP


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