Painting Terra Cotta Pots

I remembered a fun craft from my elementary days. Painting clay pots. You can easily find them at the craft store, or even at the Hardware store, possibly cheaper. I found ours at Home Depot and I think the small ones were like $1 each, and the plate it sits on is a few cents. This is a pretty easy craft, and fairly cheap as well.  IT would also be a great craft for birthday parties, gatherings, co-ops.

The girls were very excited about doing this fun craft. While we were at Home Depot, we also picked out a few little plants that could live in the pots. Endless possibilities, you could make a classroom pet flower, or make them as gifts, or just to keep some herbs in your kitchen.




Before we started we laid everything out and protected our furniture and clothes. By now we have a huge variety of colors, ( just buy the big ones from Michaels, when they are on sale) and this kids thought about their designs. As you can see our Jellybean was very interested as well. Never a dull moment here 😉

We used Acrylic Paint and just lots of different brushes.


After we had discussed the designs, I pretty much just let them go 😉

After a few hours we had our finished products 🙂 Little Miss A did the stripe design and Miss H did the flower design. Lately her favorite color is blue.  Unfortunately our curious cats knocked Miss A’s off the window sill only a day after and it shattered into a zillion pieces. Sigh. It is hard to have any flowers in our house. Snickers is by far the most curious cat ever yet. Miss A was pretty understanding about what happened and Daddy stopped at the Hardware store again to buy a new one. Guess we will be doing this again 😉 I don’t really mind 🙂


Also , if you do plan to use them outside, don’t forget to use a sealer at the end !


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