Moving beyond the page interview

This is such a fun interview done by Savy Homeschool Moms Interview  (click here to listen ) interviewing the cofounder of Moving beyond the page  Keith Howe. They talk about a lot of things, how the curriculum started how the curriculum works and how it is different from other curricula.

If you need more info and are unsure about choosing your new curricula you will enjoy this Interview and you will learn some wonderful info about the company. Keith Howe talks about why his family started the homeschool journey, how the curriculum is put together and who designs a lot of it. The moms and Keith mention some of the amazing books  and novels that are being used throughout and explain how they all tie together using English arts literature, science and social studies. A very fun interview, that might just answer a lot of your questions about using this great curriculum.

2 thoughts on “Moving beyond the page interview

  1. Thanks for the kind words! Exciting to see our show promoted on other sites! We have another coming up next that is with the founder of Pandia Press, stay tuned for that in the next couple weeks! 🙂

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