Another morning, or all about fingerprints

It’s the middle of December and things are busy, well somewhat. Christmas time is here, we aren’t really that busy with crafts but we have baked quite a lot and have just been busy with little things here and there.  Our favorite every year Vanille Kipferl. An old german cookie tradition, cookies I already baked many, many years with my grandma. I must remember to share the recipe.

Homeschooling always has it’s ups and downs just like Life in general. Some days are a bliss and others a miss. Well, I wouldn’t say a miss but things hardly ever go as I plan, and so often things get so much better when I take a seat as the co-pilot and let them take the lead. The longer we homeschool the more I see it every day.

This morning was another example. While they were in big hurry to open their advent calendars, which we so much appreciate coming all the way from Germany from their Grandma, my youngest said, she can not wait to open the very last one , my oldest responded… why hurry so much, I appreciate this moment right now. How right she is.

It blows me away how much wisdom they can collect, without me even realizing it some days. A few minutes later, while eating cereal, the conversation led to fingerprints. ( don’t ask me how lol )  I asked them, if they have never put their fingers into ink and put the finger on paper afterwards for a simple fingerprint. Well the answer was  ” no, mommy” . And as shocked as I was  I immediately took this chance and printed out some fun fingerprint activities.

And before I run back upstairs to set up for my little munchkins I will share these fun links with you 🙂

Happy Homeschooling


Forensic Science for Kids | Play-based Learning

Thumbprint Self-Portrait