The first bike ride…

It’s the middle of January and we have had our first warmer days that nearly felt like spring . Life has been good and I am entirely grateful for these days. The new year has started well and I couldn’t complain too much. A few goals for the new year have been set, but nothing too serious. Lots of papers were going around the Internet for children to set their goals, and I thought a few times about it to ask them and fill out something for the new year. But then after a little talk I  with them I reasoned with myself and them, that they are simply to young to do this and there really isn’t so much need. Anyone can start and set a new goal any given day. It is true, things seem easier when we turn the calendar page and try to open a new chapter.. but in all honesty.. every day is a gift and every day you get the chance to turn things around…

One of our biggest wishes that we carried into the new year was to get bikes for ourselves, me and my husband that is. The kids have gotten really great at riding theirs, following direction and keeping up. Our oldest got her first mountain bike a few months back and our little munchkin is proudly riding big sisters older bike, still with training wheels, but I am most certain that we will loose those in a few weeks.

So with the days getting slowly  warmer (very slowly even here in Texas) we decided not to wait much longer and jump on a set of bikes that we have had our eyes on for months and finally purchases our first bikes as adults. Honestly I can’t tell you the last time I rode a bike and I know for my husband it has been even longer.

So often we don’t take time for the little things. For kids so many things they do ,are combined and the boarders of one thing and another get washed away and simply don’t exist. Like riding your bike is  great exercise, but we wouldn’t ask them to go exercise.. we ask them if they would love to ride their bikes and have fun outside ?  Often it is the same with learning…

Today was a lovely day. We all rode our bikes and we were outside for 2 hours plus riding those bikes, laughing, and spending time together. I grew up with lots of bike rides as a kid. We rode from my hometown in Germany to our neighboring villages, and often stopped somewhere on the way for some delicious ice cream. Needless to say after our first successful ride today, we all shared a big bowl of ice cream together as soon as we got home 🙂

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