The BFG | Unit 3 | Concept 2

Last week we started the one of the books we have been most excited about BFG. I really love it that we get to discover these books together, since I have read a lot more “European authors” as a child, I get to discover some of the American authors and literature with her. The classics are also so different from most modern aged books. Something more magical when you get to read a book that has been around for a long time and has been loved by thousands of kids before. Of course the BFG isn’t really that old yet, but still, we have been excited to learn about the friendship of Sophie and her big friendly Giant.

When we start a new unit, I always try to look ahead a little and see what things are coming up and if there will be anything special that I need to get before the lessons. Most often it is mentioned at the beginning of the units, but I like to prepare a bit more, write down the lessons on a separate piece of paper for filing and lesson tracking. Clearly not necessary but it gives me something to do and I do feel like it helps me with my day-to-day planning.
Anyway,one of the first activities was a vocabulary paper. A figure of a giant and labels to cut out and sort and match the words accordingly. It looked fun, but I thought since we are going to be talking about a GIANT why not make things a little bigger.
So, I started tracing the body parts of the giant on bigger paper and cut each of them out and taped them to the wall. Then I wrote down the definitions onto the giant and the matching words on separate pieces of paper and cut those out… Voilà !!

The girls loved it and were very excited when they saw the big giant on the door. I am pretty sure he will stay a while 🙂


A snowy day…

There is something so magical about snow, that if you have never experienced it, it is nearly impossible to describe. When snow falls to the ground, it covers everything in this beautiful sheet of white, it falls so soft and silent that you almost can’t hear it but that tiny little sound when the snowflake touches the ground. There is this smell in the air, so fresh and cold, that only snow can make. The world seems to slow down, and for a while nature takes over and turns everything pure and perfect.

Here in Texas we don’t get these days very often. Back home, in Germany, I remember many days from childhood, but even where I lived we didn’t get tons of snow every year, and snow was incredibly special.

I have plenty of memories going sledding with my siblings though, or even being pulled on my sled by my grandfather trough the yard.  Trips into the mountains with the whole family were special and turned into forever memories.

These days are like a special gift to us. We didn’t have to worry about missing on school work. We surely don’t need to schedule a catch up day, to make up for it…

So all that we had to worry about was, to enjoy this snowy day to the fullest !!! And we did !




Olaf seemed pretty happy in the snow. I know he says he ” loves summer” but honestly it seems like winter was pretty awesome 😉

I am thankful for the memories we got to make throughout the day ! The time we got to really slow down, not run errands, or plan some other crazy outing. Some days you just need to enjoy the moment that is given to you !


The Temple of the Ruby of Fire

The Temple of the Ruby of Fire (Geronimo Stilton, No. 14)

Hello again, this is Lucy and her assistant Lilly writing again. We have been reading lots of new books again and are super excited about telling you about one specific one we both just finished.

The Temple of the Ruby of fire !


On this adventure Geronimo travels to the Amazon Rain forest with his family along with Professor van Volt, to scoop up some News for the Rodents Gazette. They have an amazing journey, and travel on the Amazon river with a solar powered submarine. We learn lots of facts about Ecology, natural resources and also lots about the Ancient Inca  and the rainforest  itself.

We meet mean rodents, named Nastytail, Bones and Mike Miceson. They are trying to cut down the Amazon rainforest to make a city and drive the Inca people out of their homes and also steal their sacred Ruby. Geronimo and his friends are there to help. After  becoming friends with the nice rodents from the Inca village, the villagers tell Geronimo the secret to the Ruby of fire.

Lucy : One of my favorite parts was towards the end of the story, when Geronimo had a terrible headache and Warmfur, a girl from the village, gave him a special plant that cured his headache. It made me curious to learn more about natural remedies, which also reminded me of my studies we did during Little house in the big woods.

Lilly : My favorite part was the experiment at the end. I asked my mum if we could try to grow and avocado from a seed, just like the present Benjamin brought for Geronimo. And lucky me, we still had an Avocado at home in the fridge. Here is a picture of my sister holding our avocado seed, it is a very big seed !!

We both had fun reading this book, and we hope you like it too !

Until the next report !


Lucy and Lilly !!!


The Power of people day III

We had a lot of fun this week talking about some very famous people. I know my kids truly enjoyed learning about them, and they have asked so many more great questions about many of them and also if we could take some trips to all these amazing museums that we stumbled upon.

On day three, we learnt about

  • Thomas Edison

I found a short little info about him with a nice coloring page to go with for our wall. Then I also found a fun little video by the “storybots” on YouTube !

  • The Wright brothers

Another fun coloring page with a short info for the wall.

And here are some videos to choose from

  • Albert Einstein

We found this super fun craft ! We haven’t made it yet, but I hope we get at a later time. It just looks fun and so easy 😉

Here is a nice Biography to add to the wall .

and last, here is a video about Albert Einstein


I hope you enjoyed some of these tips and actually found them helpful. I know as we go on through the coming years and levels with MBTP, some of these famous people will get a lot more attention, but I thought this was a very fun way to start learning about them.


Anyways this wraps up our current unit.. and we are off to the BFG and Physics next !!


The Power of People day II (8-10)

After looking into these lessons for the social studies I decided to expand it all a little bit more. So many great people and I found lots of great little extra activities.

So here is day two of famous people

Harriet Tubman

interactive website

and a great little carton (30mins long ) on youtube

Amelia Earhart

short video

And for #3 Susan b. Anthony

and a short, fun video clip

Our little wall after day 2


We also had great fun, building some paper airplanes and testing our theories which one would fly best !

The Power of people ( civil rights ) 8-10

We are wrapping up our second unit in concept 2, ” the lion, the witch and the wardrobe ” together with ” the Power of people ” for the social studies.
At the beginning I thought this unit for the social studies would rather be a bit dry and boring but it turns out, it was really fun. We had a lot of great links for YouTube that were already given through MBTP and I also supplemented with a few extra  work pages and links I had found. I believe the library will also still come in handy in the next few days.

Last night I found several great links I would like to share for this unit. I made the list of people we will have to research for the next few days, some people from world history and quite a few from American history…

The first link gets you to a fun print out, for several historic people. I ended up clearing a wall in our “adventure room” for all the civil rights activists…

Here is a picture of the first part of our civil rights leader wall 🙂

Tomorrow we will be adding a few more t the wall 🙂

8-10 Little house in the big woods

I must apologize for blogging some of our units rather later and out-of-order. Life has been busy and I have not been able to blog consistently but a great thing about Moving beyond the page is also, that you do not have to do the Concepts in order for them to “work”. Using the social studies and science studies along with the matching literature unit however does make perfect sense, because you learn so much through the relating subjects and learning really seems easier that way.
Little house in the big woods, is the first literature unit in 8-10 and together with learning about Pioneers you learn about nature, soil and natural resources. We conducted a lot of fun experiments alone for these units, learnt about trees and plants, and went on a lot of nature walks and collected leaves and other things.

During studies with Moving beyond the page the kids will learn how to independently do their own research. We have several websites we use, for example, Wikipedia of course, and most often YouTube. I have made playlists on YouTube where I save everything that fits into our study units, so I can tell the kids to go ahead and watch those certain videos on their own.
Here is a link to the Playlist I created for the 8-10 Little house in the big woods unit along with the Science subjects it gives you a glimpse at some of the other studies that follow along. The first video link will take you to the whole playlist. And the second one just shows one of our favorite videos, a family showing and explaining how to make maple syrup. This comes up every week now when we eat pancakes and seriously made us wish to live in the North 😉

I love that MBTP is really hands on, so many times you will have to leave the cozy nest for nature walks or special cooking projects or you even get told to do research at the park or zoo.
Here we copied a delicious recipe by Laura Ingalls and made Maple Bars and then followed to make our own pancakes.



One of the many nature walks, together with a paper where we compared seasons in Texas to Laura’s area, Wisconsin.IMG_6217


And another experiment, chlorophyll extraction…




Patterns, patterns and more patterns 5-7

We just finished the first unit on the pattern concept of 5-7. The pattern unit has actually been more fun than I thought, and my little one has enjoyed it quite a bit, even though I was shocked how much she had already know about patterns. But it always proofs that we are always learning and catching things left and right, without even realizing and knowing.
We did not buy the Caterpillar game with the level, and many, many activities called for it, so I was a little sad we didn’t get to play during those activities but then again I don’t think we needed it for reinforcement because my daughter caught the concept really fast. We did however enjoy playing with beads a lot and using other manipulatives along with the lessons.

When it was time for the Final Project, my little one surprised me even more. She was very excited to design her own poster for the first time. I wrote down the pattern concepts, and just gave her a simple grit on the poster. After that she wanted to finish it completely on her own, and I left the room to let her work on it.
A little while later she presented her finished project and I think she did a fantastic job at 5 years old !

To check out more from the 5-7 Level check back here 😉


Personal qualities that can’t be measured by tests

I came across this wonderful list on one of the Montessori groups I follow and instantly thought how true it is. Schools and some jobs emphasize on how important tests and exams are, but even when you ask colleges and great businesses and leaders, those aren’t exactly all they are looking for anymore. With more and more tests, we are killing off wonderful qualities (especially in young people). I am currently reading a wonderful book, by Sir Ken Robinson Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative and this list, goes so well along with his thoughts..

  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Resilience
  • Motivation
  • Persistence
  • Curiosity
  • Question Asking
  • Humor
  • Endurance
  • Reliability
  • Enthusiasm
  • civic mindedness
  • self awareness
  • self discipline
  • empathy
  • leadership
  • compassion
  • courage
  • sense of beauty
  • sense of wonder
  • rescourcefulness
  • spontaneity
  • humility

5-7 Environment Studies

We have had a lot of fun with the 5-7 level, and a lot of activities we extended quite a bit here and there and with that I have totally gotten behind on blogging. But you all know how that is.

The environment/ habitat units were definitely some our favorites. And whenever we have something so exciting, we most often all jump into the project together, which basically means the other sibling gets to do it as well and often even mommy 😉 especially when it has something to do with art. It is so nice to sometimes MAKE the time to actually do these things together, not just me helping them, but also rediscovering some of these things for myself again..

With one activity we were supposed to pick a craft from the animal habitat book and my little one picked the Gila monster craft !! Bubble wrap and paint, it was so fun !!




Amazing also that we got to wrap up this unit, with a very fun library visit where we got to meet similar animals that we had just studied !!