The Kite Experiment 8-10 ( electricity and magnetism through ben franklin )

The year 8-10 with Moving beyond the page comes along with a lot of science and my daughter couldn’t wait to start some of these. I can highly recommend the Manipulative Kit
it has been so easy to organize everything and just have it available when we need it. No running around the house trying to find various objects or making another stop at the store to get something like paperclips. Everything you need is pretty much there, from magnets to paperclips and it comes labeled for each Unit and lesson. It couldn’t be much easier.

So anyways. We have already finished the Ben franklin Unit, and since the weather was just plain yucky we held off on building our kite for a little while. Last week we had some extra time though and we started painting the kite, which… well… I don’t recommend.. lol. We totally got over excited on decorating this kite and my daughter picked out several colors and “layers” on how to design the kite. Well end of story, the kite got a little heavy with all the paint. I had not thought of that at all… but it’s a science experiment and even from failed experiments we can learn. So we finished the assembly, which was a little confusing at first, but then super easy and with a little patience done in a few minutes. And a few days after it we took it out for some flying lessons 😉

It flew pretty well overall. We just had gusty winds, and no steady wind which always makes it harder to fly the kites. We have flown several store type kites, and well I have learnt that flying a kite is sometimes harder than it looks.

Here are some little impressions from our kite flying 🙂




This Unit covers electricity and magnetism. We are a big fan of Elenco Electronic Snap Circuits, Jr. Kit
in our family and already have several kits. However Moving beyond the page has picked a different version to somewhat explain the same things. With both kits it was easy to compare. The ScienceWiz Electricity Kit, which will come with your manipulative kit if you order it along with the rest of the year, is done in a much more simple way. Pure wires, simple instructions, really not much to it. But it is cheap and I think the simplicity made it easy for my daughter to see how everything actually worked. You can read further reviews on Amazon. ScienceWiz / Electricity Kit

Here are a few more pictures from our experiments.


I have to look for pictures for some of the experiments with the magnets. Those were some of our favorites. You will get some great magnets with the kit through Moving beyond the page, but again we also purchased a little magnet kit while it was on sale Learning Resources Super Magnet Lab. My younger daughter had touched the bar magnets and dropped one of them, and it broke into a few pieces. Definitely be careful with the bar magnets, they are really fragile. With this kit my younger daughter was also able to follow some of the experiments and we all really had a lot of fun with them. I will try to add some pictures later…

If you are curious about the 8-10
and have more questions, feel free to ask and I will try to answer. We aren’t all the way done with it yet, but we are enjoying it and not trying to race through it just to finish it. Also, you can always purchase separate units from moving beyond the page, and make it fit your needs. One of the many great things how you can use this curriculum and why we love it so much.

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