Let me introduce you to…

It feels like the Geronimo Stilton fever is still going very strong, after almost a year of reading different types of his books. If you do not know Geronimo yet, you must introduce him to your kids.. I had walked past the books several times at the library. They always looked so silly, fun for sure, educational not really. But then I picked one up, thinking , well the kids might like some little fun adventures about a mouse. And how right I was, when I found out that they also had a great level of educational value I was even more thrilled and so were they. Each book covers a certain topic, and I have been surprised about the knowledge they have gained through the books. It introduces history, events, and common knowledge, interesting and famous people along with many, many other things….So far there is the normal Geronimo adventure series like , Field Trip to Niagara Falls (Geronimo Stilton, No. 24)
which taught a great deal about the native American  Indians which worked perfectly with our Moving beyond the page Unit. The Cavemice adventures , space adventures, Journey through time Geronimo Stilton Special Edition: The Journey Through Time  and The Kingdom of Fantasy and the Thea sisters like, Thea Stilton #20: Thea Stilton and the Missing Myth: A Geronimo Stilton Adventure

My oldest read the first books we got our hands on, and the little one wasn’t far behind her. In fact, one of the Geronimo books was her first one to finish completely on her own, at the age of 5. She really loves the Cavemouse series, she is very into dinosaurs and such. Geronimo Stilton Cavemice #1: The Stone of Fire

So our collection is growing every month, the library is nearly out of them every time or we have read all of the ones they offer, the used book stores are pretty short on hand as well. But luckily they aren’t so pricy and a few weeks allowance can get you another book pretty fast 😉

Geronimo also offers a pretty fun website which the girls visit pretty often. They have their computer with allowed links upstairs and are free to use it to their needs. http://geronimostilton.com/portal/WW/en/home/  There are some fun games, news, reports, videos and more… One day, they girls told me about some news from the website. Workbooks from Geronimo. I was quite surprised when they actually showed them to me and added them immediately on my wish list. They weren’t out then yet, but well guess what… they are now 🙂 Geronimo Stilton Academy: Comprehension Pawbook Level 1





So far there are three different Pawbooks out 😉 I have ordered only the first one so far, but at a price around $5 I am sure I will order the other two very soon. My girls were pretty excited when they saw them and a little disappointed I had only gotten one. My plan was they could do them together ( the first one would be very easy for my 8 year old) but perfect for Kindergarten/ 1st grade level. If I understand the series right, they get more challenging. So I am eager to see Book 2 and 3.

The fun thing about the books is, that they cover 4 different book. Book 1 has excerpts from  Book # 57 The stinky cheese vacation, #46 The haunted castle, # 43 I’m not a supermouse and #42 The Peculiar pumpkin thief… funny enough, the only one they had read is the first one. So yes, they are pretty excited to read some of the excerpts from the other three mentioned.

Here is the link again… I sure hope they will offer more from Geronimo soon, and I hope you will enjoy his books and other works as much as we do 🙂
Geronimo Stilton Academy: Comprehension Pawbook Level 1
Geronimo Stilton Academy: Comprehension Pawbook Level 2
Geronimo Stilton Academy: Comprehension Pawbook Level 3

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