The Mona Mousa Code

Hi everybody. This is Lucy, the reporter and her assistant Lilly. We are here to talk about The Mona Mousa Code (Geronimo Stilton, No. 15) written by our good friend Geronimo Stilton.

We have both read this book, and many others by him, but this one was one of our firsts and favorites. When I, Lucy, started reading it, I got to so excited and fascinated that I wished to be in the story myself.

The Mona Mousa code introduces us to famous artists and their paintings from all over the world, especially Mousardo da Munchie ( aka Leonardo da Vinci )  and it got me more interested in his works and his art.

The adventure takes us all the way through new mouse city and Geronimo and his family Thea, Benjamin and Trap try to solve the mystery of the hidden painting under the Mona Mousa. They find a secret Labyrinth as they follow different clues and are followed by mysterious spies.

One of my favorite chapters was Tricks for Tails, because it was so funny. Geronimo visits a joke shop and gets tricked in funny ways by the owner Paws Prankster. Also funny was the part when Geronimo accidentally grabs Traps super spicy glass of chili punch, drinks it and nearly spits fire. My sister and I , really enjoy the pictures because they are so colorful and funny.

There were exciting parts when they made discoveries and found clues. It took us a while to figure out the code but it was fun trying.

This is a must have Geronimo book !!!!!

The Mona Mousa Code (Geronimo Stilton, No. 15)

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