8-10 Little house in the big woods

I must apologize for blogging some of our units rather later and out-of-order. Life has been busy and I have not been able to blog consistently but a great thing about Moving beyond the page is also, that you do not have to do the Concepts in order for them to “work”. Using the social studies and science studies along with the matching literature unit however does make perfect sense, because you learn so much through the relating subjects and learning really seems easier that way.
Little house in the big woods, is the first literature unit in 8-10 and together with learning about Pioneers you learn about nature, soil and natural resources. We conducted a lot of fun experiments alone for these units, learnt about trees and plants, and went on a lot of nature walks and collected leaves and other things.

During studies with Moving beyond the page the kids will learn how to independently do their own research. We have several websites we use, http://www.factmonster.com for example, Wikipedia of course, and most often YouTube. I have made playlists on YouTube where I save everything that fits into our study units, so I can tell the kids to go ahead and watch those certain videos on their own.
Here is a link to the Playlist I created for the 8-10 Little house in the big woods unit along with the Science subjects it gives you a glimpse at some of the other studies that follow along. The first video link will take you to the whole playlist. And the second one just shows one of our favorite videos, a family showing and explaining how to make maple syrup. This comes up every week now when we eat pancakes and seriously made us wish to live in the North 😉

I love that MBTP is really hands on, so many times you will have to leave the cozy nest for nature walks or special cooking projects or you even get told to do research at the park or zoo.
Here we copied a delicious recipe by Laura Ingalls and made Maple Bars and then followed to make our own pancakes.



One of the many nature walks, together with a paper where we compared seasons in Texas to Laura’s area, Wisconsin.IMG_6217


And another experiment, chlorophyll extraction…




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