Patterns, patterns and more patterns 5-7

We just finished the first unit on the pattern concept of 5-7. The pattern unit has actually been more fun than I thought, and my little one has enjoyed it quite a bit, even though I was shocked how much she had already know about patterns. But it always proofs that we are always learning and catching things left and right, without even realizing and knowing.
We did not buy the Caterpillar game with the level, and many, many activities called for it, so I was a little sad we didn’t get to play during those activities but then again I don’t think we needed it for reinforcement because my daughter caught the concept really fast. We did however enjoy playing with beads a lot and using other manipulatives along with the lessons.

When it was time for the Final Project, my little one surprised me even more. She was very excited to design her own poster for the first time. I wrote down the pattern concepts, and just gave her a simple grit on the poster. After that she wanted to finish it completely on her own, and I left the room to let her work on it.
A little while later she presented her finished project and I think she did a fantastic job at 5 years old !

To check out more from the 5-7 Level check back here 😉


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