The Power of people day III

We had a lot of fun this week talking about some very famous people. I know my kids truly enjoyed learning about them, and they have asked so many more great questions about many of them and also if we could take some trips to all these amazing museums that we stumbled upon.

On day three, we learnt about

  • Thomas Edison

I found a short little info about him with a nice coloring page to go with for our wall. Then I also found a fun little video by the “storybots” on YouTube !

  • The Wright brothers

Another fun coloring page with a short info for the wall.

And here are some videos to choose from

  • Albert Einstein

We found this super fun craft ! We haven’t made it yet, but I hope we get at a later time. It just looks fun and so easy šŸ˜‰

Here is a nice Biography to add to the wall .

and last, here is a video about Albert Einstein


I hope you enjoyed some of these tips and actually found them helpful. I know as we go on through the coming years and levels with MBTP, some of these famous people will get a lot more attention, but I thought this was a very fun way to start learning about them.


Anyways this wraps up our current unit.. and we are off to the BFG and Physics next !!


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