The Temple of the Ruby of Fire

The Temple of the Ruby of Fire (Geronimo Stilton, No. 14)

Hello again, this is Lucy and her assistant Lilly writing again. We have been reading lots of new books again and are super excited about telling you about one specific one we both just finished.

The Temple of the Ruby of fire !


On this adventure Geronimo travels to the Amazon Rain forest with his family along with Professor van Volt, to scoop up some News for the Rodents Gazette. They have an amazing journey, and travel on the Amazon river with a solar powered submarine. We learn lots of facts about Ecology, natural resources and also lots about the Ancient Inca  and the rainforest  itself.

We meet mean rodents, named Nastytail, Bones and Mike Miceson. They are trying to cut down the Amazon rainforest to make a city and drive the Inca people out of their homes and also steal their sacred Ruby. Geronimo and his friends are there to help. After  becoming friends with the nice rodents from the Inca village, the villagers tell Geronimo the secret to the Ruby of fire.

Lucy : One of my favorite parts was towards the end of the story, when Geronimo had a terrible headache and Warmfur, a girl from the village, gave him a special plant that cured his headache. It made me curious to learn more about natural remedies, which also reminded me of my studies we did during Little house in the big woods.

Lilly : My favorite part was the experiment at the end. I asked my mum if we could try to grow and avocado from a seed, just like the present Benjamin brought for Geronimo. And lucky me, we still had an Avocado at home in the fridge. Here is a picture of my sister holding our avocado seed, it is a very big seed !!

We both had fun reading this book, and we hope you like it too !

Until the next report !


Lucy and Lilly !!!


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