A snowy day…

There is something so magical about snow, that if you have never experienced it, it is nearly impossible to describe. When snow falls to the ground, it covers everything in this beautiful sheet of white, it falls so soft and silent that you almost can’t hear it but that tiny little sound when the snowflake touches the ground. There is this smell in the air, so fresh and cold, that only snow can make. The world seems to slow down, and for a while nature takes over and turns everything pure and perfect.

Here in Texas we don’t get these days very often. Back home, in Germany, I remember many days from childhood, but even where I lived we didn’t get tons of snow every year, and snow was incredibly special.

I have plenty of memories going sledding with my siblings though, or even being pulled on my sled by my grandfather trough the yard.  Trips into the mountains with the whole family were special and turned into forever memories.

These days are like a special gift to us. We didn’t have to worry about missing on school work. We surely don’t need to schedule a catch up day, to make up for it…

So all that we had to worry about was, to enjoy this snowy day to the fullest !!! And we did !




Olaf seemed pretty happy in the snow. I know he says he ” loves summer” but honestly it seems like winter was pretty awesome 😉

I am thankful for the memories we got to make throughout the day ! The time we got to really slow down, not run errands, or plan some other crazy outing. Some days you just need to enjoy the moment that is given to you !


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