The BFG | Unit 3 | Concept 2

Last week we started the one of the books we have been most excited about BFG. I really love it that we get to discover these books together, since I have read a lot more “European authors” as a child, I get to discover some of the American authors and literature with her. The classics are also so different from most modern aged books. Something more magical when you get to read a book that has been around for a long time and has been loved by thousands of kids before. Of course the BFG isn’t really that old yet, but still, we have been excited to learn about the friendship of Sophie and her big friendly Giant.

When we start a new unit, I always try to look ahead a little and see what things are coming up and if there will be anything special that I need to get before the lessons. Most often it is mentioned at the beginning of the units, but I like to prepare a bit more, write down the lessons on a separate piece of paper for filing and lesson tracking. Clearly not necessary but it gives me something to do and I do feel like it helps me with my day-to-day planning.
Anyway,one of the first activities was a vocabulary paper. A figure of a giant and labels to cut out and sort and match the words accordingly. It looked fun, but I thought since we are going to be talking about a GIANT why not make things a little bigger.
So, I started tracing the body parts of the giant on bigger paper and cut each of them out and taped them to the wall. Then I wrote down the definitions onto the giant and the matching words on separate pieces of paper and cut those out… Voilà !!

The girls loved it and were very excited when they saw the big giant on the door. I am pretty sure he will stay a while 🙂


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