Learning creatively

wpid-img_20150228_102710.jpgAfter reading Sir Ken Robinson’s book Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative  I started wondering again if I teach my children enough creativity. DO I give them enough room to let them discover ? Do I give them enough chances to be as creative as they can be ?

Can you teach creativity ?

Sir Ken Robinson has great thoughts throughout his book and says yes, you can help and teach people to be more creative, but they have to be able to have the right opportunities to use them. And I am sure, most of you I do not have to tell, that we certainly have these possibilities throughout homeschooling… They are endless !
We have been with our MBTP curriculum for almost a year now and the longer we use it, the more I really see how good of a fit it is for us.  I think it is very creative, artsy and hands on. It won’t be a good fit for all  but as we all know there is no such thing, and that is simply good… !

My older daughter is very artsy and throughout her few public school years she was very frustrated about some specific things, like not being able to color the way she wanted to. She wasn’t allowed to use the material she wanted, she wasn’t allowed to even use the colors she thought would be best. Most often she was told to copy it the way she was told. What frustrated her most, was that she had to hurry up and most often couldn’t even finish the works. So it became pointless to her and she didn’t enjoy it at all anymore .

To an artist there is no time limit. Their creative works flow. And it flows best when uninterrupted. When we lose track of time and just have fun, that’s when we do our best work. Not when the bell rings. Creativity can also come in waves. One minute you have the best ideas, and a wave of inspiring thoughts. 10 minutes later they can all be gone.

Creative work often doesn’t happen in one day. Often there are stages. You work on something for a while, take a break, get new ideas, scrap it all and might just start over….  In the end it is the artist, that calls the projects finished !

Unfortunately even at the beginning of homeschooling, I still made those mistakes. I rushed through some of our work, just to finish them, and I told my daughter to hurry up when my daughters creative flow was at it’s best. But we learn as we go. Homeschooling is really a journey. Even if you would try not to learn something new one day, most likely you and your children will learn lots, even if it just might be about each other.

We try to get our plain academic work done fast. Like math, even though math can be done in very creative ways too. But we leave that for another post. Some kids need more creative outlets in some areas more than in others, too.

I try to leave lots of room and freedom for the creative work. If something from the curriculum doesn’t inspire her we try to think of ways to change it and make it more appealing. If the worksheet has limited space on writing, we take our journal or other separate paper.

Displaying their works throughout the house has also helped. We hang up finished or unfinished works in their rooms, hallways, school room or our little kitchen board. When Daddy comes home he immediately sees some of the work they want to share. Also they are always able to pick some  back up and add thoughts and ideas to it, if another wave of creativity  hits them.

We are all born with creativity, we just have to give ourselves and our children the freedom to use it !

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3 thoughts on “Learning creatively

  1. Hi! It’s nice to run into someone else who uses Moving BeyondThe Page. Can I ask you about it? I have enjoyed the pre-k curriculum, but the more I look at the K curriculum, the more it looks like A LOT of worksheets more than anything. Has what you used been very worksheet heavy? This post was obviously about creative work in your school, do you feel that dominates the worksheets? I’m leaning away from using it next year because of this.

    1. We didnt do the pre k level so its a bit harder for me to compare but overall i dont think its a lot of worksheets. Most of the sheets for the 5-7 is drawing pictures,writing a few words, starting sentences or maybe creating a mini book. There will be an increase for sure with the higher levels but all the activities give a lot of options for hands on,creative stuff without worksheets. Like going around the house for treasure hunts, graphing with animal crackers, sorting stuffed animals in catagories ..most days the worksheets are a 10min thing 😉 i hope i can blog about some of the other im behind lol ..

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