Planning with MBTP

I have to admit, when we got our first orders from MBTP I felt overwhelmed and I didn’t quite know where to start. Looking through the parent manuals and each, individual unit, I was confused what our daily work load would look like. But after reading through it and kind of just jumping in, it now feels like we have been doing it forever and the kids have adapted so much already that they pretty much know what they need to get done each day. A lot of people just follow the normal lesson plan that is laid out in the teacher manuals and it totally works for them. I am one of those people who constantly feels the need to be just a little ahead of the game. So I try to look ahead, plan ahead, and yes.. write out my lesson plans. I have used different planners. Notebooks, teacher lesson planners, and a few homeschool planners. There were a few that worked just fine, but it always had some space that wasn’t useful for our daily studies. So I figured I would create my own. Now I can quickly add in our lesson for the unit we are working on and have everything listed for our day, for both children  and I don’t have to juggle between the parent manuals as much.

Feel free to copy this little layout. It isn’t much really, it can be easily done in any program but it was just what I needed for two kids working with the curriculum. Plus the top gives me something to color in between lessons ;)) Maybe this inspires you to make your own or you can change this one up to your needs… planner empty

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