Homeschooling on a rainy day

Texas weather is crazy. In the last few weeks we have experienced every season possible. We had temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit and also temperatures around 20 degrees with ice and snow combined. We hit records of snow for our area, and were completely iced over on some other days. After nearly 10 years living in Texas, I know things pretty much come to a screeching halt, just by the thought of snow and ice. Schools start closing or don’t open at all, roads get shut down and stores close. I can’t blame them, after all this doesn’t happen all that often and most cities just aren’t equipped with all the necessary tools to clear the roads and such.

Well, what does this mean for us homeschoolers.. By now you have hopefully understood that most homeschoolers, really don’t spend so much time at home. But I must admit, yes the winter months can be a bit harder and we do in fact spend more time at home. But then again, wouldn’t you want to ? When its cold and dreary outside ? We sure enjoy our days in front of the fireplace . In fact it is even our kitties favorite place in the house lately.


Luckily we have an awesome library and some wonderful book stores and we are always ready to start another book adventure. This was one of her latest ones. I am just a few days behind on posting and she has already finished it. It took her less than a week and it really isn’t a small book. She really loved it and we will add a review later on. But check it out, it is an amazing book.
The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell

So while it was icy outside, { window completely covered in ice }
We dusted off some more board games. One of our favorite ones from last year is Catan Junior. Many of you have probably heard of the settlers of Catan. This game is for kids 6 and up but our youngest has been playing since she was 4 years old. It is very fun, and teaches strategy in an easy way and we really love to play it over and over again. You really can’t miss with a fun pirate themed game.
Catan: Junior


Another thing I haven’t been able to blog about is, that we recently joined our Homeschool groups co-op. We only have it a few times a year, and unfortunately.. well can you guess.. because of the ice and snow.. yeap… it got cancelled.

So more ice and snow… and more time inside.. Luckily still I had a few ideas left. We even had an untouched Lego project on the shelf that was just waiting to be built.

This was a pretty small set. But I must say, the LEGO® Architecture Brandenburg Gate 21011
was very fun to build. Since we actually had visited it last year in Berlin, it is a special memory that is attached to it and my daughter loves having it in her room. I think there will be many more sets added to this one.

For the longest time I had also promised to work on more sewing projects with her. So, since we were stuck inside we got busy… This was another project from one of the books she had gotten for Christmas. I can only recommend this book over and over again ! She has learnt all the sewing vocabulary, she is able to set things up on her own and pretty much start and finish her project all on her own. She just recently got the sewing machine into her room and is now able to work even more indendently on her little ideas.


Rainy days, really aren’t so bad….. 🙂

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