10 simple simple things that help a homeschool Mom


This morning as I was writing my list for the week I thought how lucky I am with some of the things I have gained in the last year and was missing in our beginnings of homeschooling. I really think the start of homeschooling itself is the hardest. There are so many areas of life it affects, so many things to gain knowledge about, you just feel like you are up against the world. And while you are slowly making your steps, I do think there are some things that are definitely helpful in the beginnings. I was lucky to have my husband pretty early on my side and there was not much convincing to be done. And even luckier our family, pretty much was the same way. We don’t have much close family anyways, but it is nice to have the reassuring words here and there. Yes a support system is awesome to have and that’s why I think every homeschool mom needs a good homeschool group. And if you have not found it yet, don’t give up. Open one yourself. Look online. There are so many sites that have groups online now, and even if it is just online.. there are great friends waiting !

Along the journey through the first year of homeschooling there will be bad weather days. Do you remember snow days in school ? Public school closes and your kids are home, all day ? We homeschool moms smile a little about those days, well because… there are normal for us. Its everyday life. Even though we aren’t really always “stuck at home ” there are times the weather is awful and you will be just that, STUCK at home ! WINTER ! CAN BE VERY LOOOOOOOOOOONG !! So yes, good weather is a bonus for a homeschool mom !

The library, is such a great place. We can borrow up to 50 books at a time, we seriously go with rolling cart to the check out. Let’s not speak about the fines.. those are our secrets πŸ˜‰

The automatic pencil sharpener…? I did not think it was necessary at the beginning and just a few weeks ago, my husband surprised me with one ! It has CHANGED OUR LIFES !!! πŸ˜‰
The crockpot falls into that same category. Some days are busy, and the slowcooker helps so much to be ahead in the game.

The Internet. Well, who would want to be without it ? The Internet can be your friend and enemy. Your kids will learn to be more independent and do more research and exploring on their own, which is awesome but can also be troubling of course. Yet there are so many great resources online, I wouldn’t want to miss it !

Patience and Understanding.. hahaha.. yeah it’s a funny thing when people tell us, they would not have the patience to homeschool. Seriously, we don’t always have it either but we learn to get better at it πŸ˜‰ Living and learning together all the time !
Being open to change and new things has always been something important to me and something I still try to get better at as well ! Change can be hard and scary. But most times good things will come out of change.. remember the three C’s of life… Choices, Chances, and Changes !

So what did I miss from my list above.. oh yeah.. the positive attitude… Well, it something we can all benefit from. If you try to have a positive attitude things will be easier. Don’t fight every battle, smile, make new connections with friends, laugh a little more often about the little problems and don’t worry all too much. The first years of homeschooling can be crazy. An extreme rollercoaster, but it is one that you will want to keep riding if you just get over the fear !

Have a blessed weekend,

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