Homeschool appreciation day 2015 !


Did you know that today is ” Homeschool appreciation day ” ? Quite a few stores actually offer some great sales today (mardel coupon 25% ) , so if you are in need of some “homeschool supplies”  you might want to check them out, also there are some great giveaways…

Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day

In the last few weeks I have done much research about homeschooling nationwide and also internationally and I can only say how much I really do appreciate Texas laws and how we can handle things here. There is nothing more that I appreciate than to watch my kids live freely and discover the world on their own terms. If our lives were deemed to change again, than homeschooling freely, was the thing I would fight the hardest for !

Fieldtrip time… the adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The coolest thing about living near a big city is clearly having great opportunities to see and experience many things. We have many amazing museums in the Dallas area and many wonderful exhibits have come to town. In the two years we have now lived here we have switched up our memberships, a different one each year, and we have been trying to make the most out of our visits and see as many as possible. We do a lot of things with our homeschool groups, but we also try to do many field trips as a family, it is something we have always done and we really enjoy talking with the kids about everything and really experiencing it together. Always such great memories.
So this time we discovered the adventures of Sherlock Holmes at the Perot museum in Dallas. I didn’t read up about the exhibition much before, but I pretty much knew it should be an exciting one ,especially since my oldest loves Nancy drew books so much, this should be right up her alley.

When we arrived at the museum I was a little shocked to see groups of kids from daycare and schools, luckily the museum really is so big, even with large groups, all you need to do is pick a different level to start and make your way through. It is nice to see that in this school district some kids still get an opportunity to see museums and other places during the school day schedule. Something that would have never happened much in our old school district. I still have to laugh though when people tell me our homeschooled kids, don’t get socialization or the opportunities to go do things. We are doing more than ever now with homeschooling than I ever imagined, but anyways…back to Sherlock Holmes.

In the first room, we got an introduction into detective work, some medicine practices and also a little bit of history about the Author of Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Amazing were the many photographs from London from old times and it connected with some great books and other studies we had done in the past. Of course since my husband and I had traveled to London last year, it was even more amazing to see some of those old pictures.
Throughout the exhibition we had a fun task to do. We each had gotten a booklet at the entrance and we had to find clues, get stamps and solve a very fun mystery ourselves. With our little one just being 5 years old, I was a little bit worried about some subjects here and there, but since she is really interesting in medicine practices and the human body etc she saw it mostly from a scientific point of view and there really was nothing to worry about. Instead we had fun trying to solve the murder case,  among other things we had to puzzle a statue back together that had fallen down, we checked sand tracks if they matched up with the suspects, compared poisons and in the end solved the mystery.





We spent a few more hours in the other levels of the museum and even though we nearly stayed all day, it wasn’t enough time to even see half of the museum. It’s always that way so we choose different levels each time, and every time we discover something we didn’t before.
Now back at home I would love to introduce more of the actual Sherlock Holmes story to my girls. I have found a great selection and hope we can add some to our library soon !!

We listen to Story of the world which is also narrated by Jim Weiss and I think this would be just as fun !!

And these little board books are a fun series even for the youngest. It makes me sad that my kids are too big for board books lol.. would it be crazy to still add them to “my collection ” 😉 ?!

BOX DAY with MBTP 2015 !!!

Our boxes arrived a few weeks ago but (homeschool) life has been busy once again and I have hardly had time to post. We are still wrapping up our Units from 8-10 and 5-7 but the girls are beyond excited for their new levels 9-11 and 6-8.

Multiple times I have thought about skipping 6-8 and push my youngest into 7-9 but after much thinking and a little bit of research, I figured there was really no need to. Even though she is so advanced she will enjoy the 6-8 level and it will hopefully help her with more independent writing and build the little bridges she needs for all the other subjects. So often I think they already understand a concept but then a simple explanation in a book or activity comes up and we have this wonderful AHA-moment, and all I can do is smile and enjoy learning with them. It isn’t always about pushing them ahead and challenging them to the max its more about the ride of learning and enjoying learning. I like that she can be done in less than two hours most days and most activities come easy and natural to her and we don’t have to struggle so much. If I would have known just a bit more about MBTP back when we started I probably would have started with 7-9 for my oldest and not jumped ahead for 8-10. I understand the technique and how the curriculum is set up much better now, many concepts build up on others and many things get easier for the kids as they go along with the curriculum.

9-11 looks also very exciting, many big subjects and I doubt we will be anything but finished with it by the time of next spring but we will see. I have heard about so many amazing projects and the book selection is beyond amazing in this level. The kids had a nice little fight about the human body lab

but I ensured my youngest that she will have plenty of opportunity to explore it as well. Even though both kids have their own levels we do end up doing a lot of things together. Some activities are just too much fun to miss out on.

So here are a few of our moments from box day. We have actually opted to buy some books used this time, we already had a few sitting at home and ABEBOOKS.COM and amazon as well as our local Half price books was a great help finding all the books ( over 50 books for both levels… crazy if you think about it 😀 !!! )


The big box arrived !!!


Checking out 9-11


This kid is crazy about learning 😉  ( most days anyways hehehe )



Slightly overwhelmed by 9-11 😉


A closer look of 9-11


Almost all organized and ready to go. The pink organizers hold the curriculum for 9-11 and along the sides it contains the matching books for the units and concepts. The yellow is for 6-8, and also hold the curriculum and some of the books are matched up accordingly. This makes it easy to just pull out the units with the needed books whenever you are ready for the next one !
There are so many fun units up ahead and we are excited for a new year of learning. I hope I can share some units more detailed before we even start.I can not believe that it will be the start of our third homeschool year !!!! I can’t even grasp that quite yet. It just seems like yesterday when we started this crazy journey 😀

Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’ { Robin WIlliam }

Spring has always been one of my favorite seasons. Growing up in Germany it was always a wonderful time, when it finally got warmer outside again, yard work started, you were awoken by the sound of lawnmowers and everything outside was full of beautiful colors. My birthday often fell on Easter and my Dad’s Birthday and mine are also only 3 days apart so we often share Easter celebrations with our birthdays. It was always a great time, always lots of family, lots of good food and fun.

Now it is up to me again to create wonderful memories for my children. Even though they grow up with a lot less family around, I still think we create a little magic here and there. We decorate the house together, cook food and bake together and make crafts. Often instead of buying things on Holidays like this we choose a day trip instead. My husband surprised us last week and took us out for a little drive to a Tulip field not too far away from us. Indeed it was magical and it was a beautiful sight. The moment we arrived and got out of the car you could smell all the Tulips. We spent a long time just wandering around the fields and taking pictures. We ended up with a few more to take home.

I hope you all had a wonderful time with your families around Easter and were able to celebrate the way that you wanted.

Spring is such a beautiful time and we have been trying to really soak it all up, and be outside, trying to make the most of these moments…




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Some of my art work is available here,

Box day is here !!! { Well almost pics soon !! }

Our BOX DAY came early again this year 🙂

I still have to upload pictures and everything and we are still missing a few items for our complete set for the year, but we were super excited when two new levels of MBTP showed up at our door step last week !!!

It is not too late for the spring fling !! If you are interested in Moving beyond the page, this is definitely the time of year to buy, since this will be their only sale throughout the year.


Forces of Nature Final Project Unit 3 | Concept 2

We finished the project for the science Unit, the Forces of Nature. My daughter picked to make her presentation with Powerpoint. It was one of her first times working with Powerpoint but I was amazed how quickly she understood the concept and was able to use it well on her own. This was definitely a great learning experience for her and I think we will use Powerpoint more often from now on for other things as well.

I’m not sure how to include Powerpoint presentation in the blog but hopefully it works 🙂 She spent too much time and effort on this not to share it with everyone ! As long as you have POWERPOINT installed on your device, I guess you should be able to view the file 🙂