BOX DAY with MBTP 2015 !!!

Our boxes arrived a few weeks ago but (homeschool) life has been busy once again and I have hardly had time to post. We are still wrapping up our Units from 8-10 and 5-7 but the girls are beyond excited for their new levels 9-11 and 6-8.

Multiple times I have thought about skipping 6-8 and push my youngest into 7-9 but after much thinking and a little bit of research, I figured there was really no need to. Even though she is so advanced she will enjoy the 6-8 level and it will hopefully help her with more independent writing and build the little bridges she needs for all the other subjects. So often I think they already understand a concept but then a simple explanation in a book or activity comes up and we have this wonderful AHA-moment, and all I can do is smile and enjoy learning with them. It isn’t always about pushing them ahead and challenging them to the max its more about the ride of learning and enjoying learning. I like that she can be done in less than two hours most days and most activities come easy and natural to her and we don’t have to struggle so much. If I would have known just a bit more about MBTP back when we started I probably would have started with 7-9 for my oldest and not jumped ahead for 8-10. I understand the technique and how the curriculum is set up much better now, many concepts build up on others and many things get easier for the kids as they go along with the curriculum.

9-11 looks also very exciting, many big subjects and I doubt we will be anything but finished with it by the time of next spring but we will see. I have heard about so many amazing projects and the book selection is beyond amazing in this level. The kids had a nice little fight about the human body lab

but I ensured my youngest that she will have plenty of opportunity to explore it as well. Even though both kids have their own levels we do end up doing a lot of things together. Some activities are just too much fun to miss out on.

So here are a few of our moments from box day. We have actually opted to buy some books used this time, we already had a few sitting at home and ABEBOOKS.COM and amazon as well as our local Half price books was a great help finding all the books ( over 50 books for both levels… crazy if you think about it 😀 !!! )


The big box arrived !!!


Checking out 9-11


This kid is crazy about learning 😉  ( most days anyways hehehe )



Slightly overwhelmed by 9-11 😉


A closer look of 9-11


Almost all organized and ready to go. The pink organizers hold the curriculum for 9-11 and along the sides it contains the matching books for the units and concepts. The yellow is for 6-8, and also hold the curriculum and some of the books are matched up accordingly. This makes it easy to just pull out the units with the needed books whenever you are ready for the next one !
There are so many fun units up ahead and we are excited for a new year of learning. I hope I can share some units more detailed before we even start.I can not believe that it will be the start of our third homeschool year !!!! I can’t even grasp that quite yet. It just seems like yesterday when we started this crazy journey 😀

7 thoughts on “BOX DAY with MBTP 2015 !!!

  1. I’m considering using MBTP next year with my oldest who is 7 and currently doing 1st grade curriculum. I’m having trouble deciding to get the 6-8 or the 7-9. I have been searching high and low for real reviews of MBTP! Just getting started looking through your blog!

    1. It’s a fun curriculum for sure. Sorry my blog is still lacking some organization lol :D. It’s hard to place your kid at the beginning. Make sure you take the placement test, and pay a lot more attention to the writing level over the reading level. Alot of people think the books are not challenging enough, but with MBTP the writing is also heavy at times and higher levels can be a bit too much. I wished I had started a little slwoer with my oldest, and went straight with her age level. Skipping 7-9 back then, and wished i wouldn’t have. With my younger one i started slower, and we are in the middle of 6-8 🙂 Also see what subjects would interest your kid 🙂 All levels are a lot of fun and have great book selections ! let me know if you have further questions !

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