It’s personal

The last few weeks have been a little hard. From left and right things happened that threw me of course. Some rather not so happy news back from the home front in Germany ( but with a good, positive outlook !! ) , and then last week some very sad news from my husbands old work about a co-worker. Some things really can throw you of course, and when you have to deal with them nearly by yourself it is hard to find even just the time to deal with it… to think clearly…  Luckily me and my husband always find time to talk and it has made us so much stronger in the past.

Positive thinking gets me through these days and it has changed my daily life. I try not to be grumpy about the little things, and try to smile more. Life is a blessing and if we don’t cherish it, it will be over in a second.

The news from my husbands former work, hit us really hard. He used to work in a EMS rescue service, making sure their helicopters are ready at any minute when they are needed. He worked with pilots and nurses, and when we heard that they lost an amazing, wonderful team member and friend,  last week during a rescue mission it was just heartbreaking. Back then I knew how important their job was of course, but it was never as obvious as it is now. I couldn’t see his pride in working for them and with them back then, even though I knew it was there. We changed locations and jobs, and some days I am not sure it was the right decision. The selfless work they do on a daily base is overwhelming and I know my husband misses this selfless work rather than just meeting other goals for a company. He amazes me and makes me a stronger woman, mother and wife. His old work, was more than just work.

Homeschooling can be tough when your mind is blank. I wanted to think of other things this week than geology, Math  and the other books we are currently reading, but keeping busy also helped me move on. You can’t dread about things too much.

Every little happening in life shapes us. For the longest time now I have been interested in the psychology field of happiness. Honestly, if I could go back to college Psychology is what I would love to study. It amazes me on so many levels. I think selflessness and a meaningful life is a wonderful way to happiness. As much as I hated these past lessons of life, I appreciate them. I learnt. I will try to live better. I will try to appreciate the little things more.Share more. Smile more. And be more selfless.

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