Who’d have thunk it… ; ) ( some news explaining what we have been up to)

Often in life we can feel when changes are coming. Well I have been expecting one for a long time and now we are right in the middle of it all. This is my attempt to explain my absence over the last few weeks.. no cross THAT out.. months..

So we are in the middle of moving – again –. It has been a brief two years here in the Dallas area, and truly we have enjoyed every minute of it, but some things also didn’t work out and we are always open for new adventures if they sound promising enough. Then a certain call followed, and many more discussions later, it was clear that we are moving to OREGON ! If you would have told me a just a few months ago that we would be moving to OREGON I would have never, ever believed it…

This is a big one, even for us. We have moved many, many times. Me coming from Germany, my husband in the ARMY for a long time, and then moving across Texas a few times, was easy…but from TEXAS to OREGON is BIG… ! Now throw homeschooling also in this big decision-making, and all these other things a normal move includes and you can imagine.. I have been a nervous wreck.

There have been so many ups and down in this little rollercoaster part of life already again that the idea of moving alone had me in tears for good and bad reasons. Overall we are absolutely thrilled about the possibilities this new area will have to offer us, on the other side we are sad to leave our first two years of homeschooling behind in Dallas, together with some wonderful homeschool groups where we have found many friends. Luckily I feel like we really made some wonderful connections ,I am positive that some of these friendships for me as well for the kids, can last a very long time, if not even a lifetime.

These two years have been an amazing introduction of homeschooling for us. It made me strong and showed me the possibilities you can have with your children while you homeschool. It has shown me that connections can be found anywhere and everywhere in the community, and that where there is a will, there is a way ! With that being said, I feel strong and positive to take on homeschooling in Oregon as well. I have already found some great groups and contacts, places and so on and I have a positive feeling about homeschooling there in general. Not much will change for us as the laws are still not overly strict, there will be some testing required in some grades, but nothing we can’t deal with.

So these were my big news on a Sunday night. I hope you can pardon my absence from the last few months, and I truly hope I will be able to share many of our future adventures again with you all. Moving beyond the page will still be a major part with our homeschooling, (even though I admit in all this crazy moving business we had to take a longer summer break then I intended ) !

We are starting our journey in just a few weeks and I am starting our little travel/ adventure journals with the kids. Moving can be difficult in so many ways but again, positive attitude and fun engagements can make a night and day difference !

Our girls are big MINION fans and in preparation for the move they both got to pick their favorite MINION from Build-a-bear…. Together with them we will try to document our move and future adventures , so stay tuned for more !!!

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