The roadtrip, our journey to the Northwest

Well the day we left Texas arrived pretty quickly after all. Last Friday we closed on our house in Texas, had some amazing BBQ one last time and said our farewells. Friday morning we left Texas and started our 2,000 mile drive to the pacific northwest. What a crazy drive it was, simply amazing. There are simply no words or images well enough taken that can describe some of the amazing landscapes we have crossed. Some really made me speechless, and well there were some… when I closed my eyes for an hour, woke back up and everything outside still looked the same.

In the matter of three days, we crossed a big part of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and then Oregon, our final destination. It was pretty epic.

We were very concerned with our three cats, we have two younger ones and one older kitty. The older one complained right from the start, vomited, pooped in her cage.. you name it… 30minutes  into the drive we had to pull over. Not fun and I thought we would never even just get out of Dallas. Luckily after a few hours in, and a few kitty lunches out, they all adjusted. We noticed that our choice of music played a slight role in their happiness, so we drowned out the base a little. The kids were excited and happy to just look out the window for quite some time. Of course we had multiple devices ready, iPods loaded with audiobooks (Geronimo, Judy moody, etc) and they had a blast just listening. The secret weapon, the kindle fire, didn’t hurt too much later either but on our second day caused some issues for our little one, and she got car sick.  Fun stuff when you are in the middle of nowhere ,Wyoming and have a car seat and child full of vomit…. again being prepared is everything. I was able to pull out fresh clothes from the little suitcase, clean off the worst with some bottles of water and the towel underneath the car seat had caught most of the damage. The rest of the clean up would have to wait.

It all taught us a lesson, take a few more breaks to get up and get some food rather than just the snack bag i had packed, and for her not to look down too much while driving. Needless to say the kindle got a break after that, and we tried to play some road games together in the car. I think we saw a licenseplate from pretty much every state along this drive.

We drove nearly 12 hours the second day and where just happy to get to the hotel in Idaho that night. Everything worked out with the cats, luckily we were able to sneak three in each time. Most times you are only allowed two per room, but if are just a little sneaky and the cats don’t cause too much of a ruckus, you will be able to pull it off. We made sure to close of the bottoms of the beds, so none could hide underneath, covered some of the furniture with blankets. All in all it worked out great.

On day three we faced our last part of the journey and we were very concerned about the wildfires in Idaho and in Oregon. Many highways had been closed the last few weeks, and one we needed to take was closed completely the day before. Luckily it had reopened that morning and we were able to cross the area fairly fast. It was however shocking to see so much burnt area all at once. We didn’t see active flames, but crossed many, many parts that were very smoky and the fire had just raced through a day or so before. Very scary situations and I can only hope the weather will be in the firefighters favours and they can gain more control over them. The area where we will be moving to, has many active fires going on right now. After one year of wildfires in texas, I know how scary this all can be, and I’m just thankful for the people who actively work on these fires. When we lived in Austin, my husband’s job also required him to drive out to the fires with the helicopters and it was such a scary time.

We entered Oregon early afternoon on Sunday and it took us several more hours to get across all the way to Portland. The drive was amazing from this point on, we crossed so many different landscapes in (compared to the rest of the drive) short amount of time. Desert, plains, rocks, mountains, rivers, hills and forests… just breathtaking.

When we drove through one of the first forests, I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. When your favorite song comes along with it at the same moment, it’s just one of those moments when you think, this was the right thing to do…

We hit some Portland traffic after driving along the Columbia river for several hours and the last few miles seemed to go on forever. Driving through Portland briefly was pretty amazing as well, and I hope we find a house fast, so that there might be a free weekend in between where we can explore Portland just a little bit. after  we have our house, Portland will be about 5 hours away from us.

So for now we are in a sweet little apartment and everyone is pretty happy. Apartment life is very different after owning a house for 11 years but I will write more about that on the next post !!

Thanks for listening,


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