Adjusting to apartment living or culture shock ?

I have lived in a few different places in the world now and visited quite many I would say. I watch a lot of travel shows and normally adjust well and I did not think I would actually feel some sort of culture shock. But I must admit I feel it a little. I guess after 11+ in Texas it is to be expected. Plus I don’t think I have recovered fully from that car journey yet. All in all our apartment is really awesome and I feel incredibly thankful that my husband’s new company has provided this for us while we try to find a new house. But it is definitely a different sort of life after being in a really big house of 3,000 sq feet. I don’t want to complain but rather make things fun and laugh at the little differences. I know this won’t be for long and I actually think it is a very good opportunity for the girls to learn that many people live with much less, than we normally do. And funny enough they are actually loving it ( at least for now).

Our apartment consists of two bedrooms, a small kitchen, a small dining area, tv area, and two bathrooms. Laundry is built into the hallway and we even have a small balcony with a wonderful view into the valley and trees. Our girls share the second bedroom and even though there is hardly any room to play in there, they have had tons of fun playing. We had brought a few small boxes of toys ( since my husband had made the trip by himself before we were able to haul a few extra things the first time). The kitties have adjusted well, they immediately found their old cat tree and we covered up most of the furniture to make sure they wouldn’t scratch anything. I have a small desk to put the laptop on and a comfy couch for us to watch TV. they even thought of a dvd player, so we have the opportunity to watch some favorite movies and of course there is always cable TV. With our awesome
Yakima Skybox 18 Carbonite Cargo Box we even had extra room for the girls scooters and we have almost used them daily already and found the little playground on day two.
But nevertheless living in an apartment is different. I have to keep reminding everyone to be quiet,not jump around constantly, bounce or sing as loud as we normally do. Running and playing catch has to wait for outside time and areas to set up for imaginary toy worlds are pretty limited. The kitchen is probably the size of a quarter of my kitchen from texas and since we aren’t staying here I don’t have much to cook with either. So I am trying to think of very small, easy to cook meals. Rather the opposite of what I am used to making. I don’t have many ingredients to even cook with , and so far it has been pasta, pizza and mac and cheese. Honestly I am ready to cook some bigger meals again.
We haven’t met anyone yet and I have felt too tired to drive out by myself yet. Last night we took a little drive all together, it was already rather late and got dark quickly. I was surprised to see so many people outside, walking, hanging out etc.. In Texas people walking is a rare sight lol and you won’t see many people sitting outside anywhere either. Most places in texas are very (overly) bright at night, it almost won’t feel like nighttime driving through some areas. Here it reminded me more of Germany instantly. Many, many small streets with just small lights if any at all. most highways aren’t covered in lights and I must say taking the turns through the trees etc felt a little like I was in Twilight 😉 ( sorry couldn’t help it ).

So far I have loved our days here, but just being inside the apartment isn’t all that fun of course. We have a long journey ahead of us this weekend again as we go house hunting though, and everyone deserves a relaxing break…

As far as homeschooling goes, we actually brought some of our supplies and I had prepared a few extra things before. Yesterday we spent some time talking about Smokey the bear and talked lots about wildfires, since this is a pretty heavy subject around here right now with all the ongoing fires. The girls had fun learning about the 5 rules, and making a smokey mask.
We even continued some MBTP lessons and even tough it takes some adjusting we are having lots of fun with it all…

So long… XOXo

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