Just a few differences

To put some facts more into perspective and show how different Oregon and Texas really are.

Texas has a population of over 26, 96 Million people.

Oregon has a population of  3, 97 Million people.

The Dallas Ft.Worth Metroplex alone has over 6, 7 Million and Dallas is the 3rd largest city in Texas and the 9th largest in the US.

The city we came from, McKinney has a population of 148, 559 people, the largest city in the district we are looking at moving has about 77,000 people and one of the smaller cities I like the most only about 8,000 people.

After two years in the big city I think I am definitely ready for things to be a little smaller again and enjoy the slower bit of life. Living in Dallas was great but also brought a lot of trouble with it, we had insane Tax increases and in the matter of two years the area had changed so much and grown so much that it was seriously stressing. So much growth, nature disappearing nearly by the minute. I know Oregon will have its on problems, and I’m sure we will get to feel some sooner or later but I am excited for new things…

Anyways, thought the facts were fun to share 🙂

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