Finding a new place to call home…

When your life changes, we have to make adjustments. What is possible in one place, might not be exactly possible in the other. There are ways to cope and deal with things. I believe that learning to adjust or adapt is one of the most important life skills you can have. But it takes a little time.

After two weeks in the apartment we have adapted quite well I would say. The girls and I have started running little errands around the small little town we are currently living in, and cooking doesn’t seem so impossible anymore either. We had two house hunting trips and after the first one ended with us being very disappointed the second one was as successful as it could have been.

It is hard to make your predictions at the beginning on what place you can end up with. We had an idea what we wanted, what we were willing to do to get it, but when you face reality and each houses problem you “adjust” your thoughts quickly. The prices in the area we were looking are much higher than in Texas. Not a surprise really. Finding a Mcmansion  as perfect as our old one was unrealistic with our budget that we have already adjusted as high as we could. Nearly double the old one. Than you are looking at pretty high taxes in some areas and your options kind of sink quickly. We literally had everything on our list, complete renovations, city houses, or houses in the forests with lots of acres. After dealing with the situations of the wildfires down there, the possibility of being out there in the woods, did scare me a little too much. with the possibility of hubby having to travel here and there, it just didn’t feel right at this point. The renovations we were facing in each of the homes seemed way too much as well, and we were just not willing to be nearly at the top of our budget to then start a year of renovations

So we had to adjust our wishes a little and unfortunately size was one of them a little bit. But I have talked about downsizing a lot and how important it is to me in some matters. We don’t want to live and work for the house. We rather want time to enjoy it. After cleaning over 3,000 sq. feet in Texas just a little less is just fine with me. Some of our furniture pieces have honestly seen better days as well and it won’t hurt to say goodbye to some of the old things that we have owned for nearly 12 years. It’s all part of the journey. The important things are all being met in this beautiful house we have chosen and I fell in love with it the moment I literally saw it.

As we stepped out from a neighboring house, I looked down the street and spotted the blue house surrounded by trees on a corner lot. Thinking out loud, I asked our realtor ” Wow, I bet this one is out of our budget”. She quickly agreed, thinking it was way higher. Then we stepped in the car, not knowing what was really next on the list.. and guess what , we stopped on the next corner… I believe in little signs and as I entered the house everything else just confirmed my first thoughts. I was as giddy as I could have been. My husbands dear wish for a bigger garage was being met, great storage all around the house with great build ins, large kids rooms a small loft upstairs, a beautiful kitchen and large master with my jetted tub and many other things, all settled into a beautiful secluded lot with trees and many places to garden, all in a lovely little neighborhood in the town we really wanted to be.

I know I will be facing some problems with some furniture and some stuff, but it might just be the right time to let go of some more things. We will not have a dedicated guest room either, but with the kids rooms being quite large I don’t see it as a problem at all. Nearly the last 6 months the girls have been doing sleepovers and I’m sure we can make enough room for everyone to come visit us whenever they like 🙂

So all in all I couldn’t be happier and I am very excited to start this new chapter in our lives and hopefully call this place our new home very, very soon !!

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