Thankful for unexpected opportunities

When we started this journey to the North West we knew little what to expect. I kept an open mind to new things in general, especially when it came to our new home and the actual area we would be living in. Texas was very busy, fast paced, things would change in the matter of a few days in the community. You had to adapt quickly to fit in. Here in Oregon things seem a lot slower, in all accounts, and honestly that was one of the reasons why we wanted to come here.

Now that we have picked a house, I am starting to think about ways to arrange everything inside. I have shared some pictures of our new place online and had somewhat mixed reactions, on the size of it. It is about 700 sq feet smaller than our old one, and even though that might not seem like a lot to some, it will make a big difference. It will be time to let go of some things.

I have wanted to downsize a lot in the recent years. Two years in 3,200 sq. feet are enough to fill it up completely (especially when you just started homeschooling). When we moved in we had so many empty walls, and empty rooms we had to buy more things ! We had to buy things just to fill up the house. Some of those areas hardly ever got used. That favorite chair in the formal dining room, that ended up as a play/reading room, got used more by our cats than any of us. Don’t get me wrong I loved our last house for many reasons, but it never really felt cozy and warm. I loved the upstairs, where once again literally every corner had a touch of “us”. The kid’s school room was our favorite hang out room.. their art was displayed all over the room. We had big and small discussions there, made big and small projects, birthday cards and letters for family members. Tears were shed and lots of laughter was shared. My favorite room for sure, the room we lived in the most. The kids had their library in the closet, it was small with just a small area to lay in, but you were surrounded left and right by huge walls of books.. it was perfect…

But the room was all the way upstairs and far away from the rest of the living areas. The kids often even felt lonely upstairs, and that was the reason we had created the extra reading/play room again downstairs… yeah you see where this is going..

So yes I am okay with downsizing just a little. Less time to clean and more opportunities to be creative on how to use certain areas (which equals trips to IKEA , just sayin’). I love IKEA and every time I try to get away from it, I figure out everything else just DOESN’T work for us and IKEA is JUST US.. so don’t fight it.. lol.

On another issue, I think deep down I know that this house will be right for us.. and I mean the 4 of us. I have had many thoughts and sleepless nights over maybe having another baby and I still can’t say 100% no, never again, but deep down I think this just might be it.. and life is pretty awesome with my little family just the way it is. It is still kind of hard for me to think this chapter could close once and for all… after all I did bring our stroller with us again 😉

But we will see how things work out. I have shared some great articles by other bloggers on homeschool room ideas on our facebook page and also on my pinterest account..  ! I will share more of our own once we get there !

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