Playmobil another review.. the modern luxury mansion

While we don’t have many toys and things in general here at the apartment right now, we notice pretty fast what things we miss the most and what not so much. Clearly on the top of my list are books and many, many things in the kitchen. Also my bed, specifically the mattress lol. For the kids it’s surely some of their toys, some more than others. But on their top list are clearly their Lego sets and PLAYMOBIL.

While going through my email list I stumbled across a newsletter and was delighted to see that one of our favorite sets is finally available in the US. My mom supplies us with the newest things very often directly from Germany and since we are all a little (or a lot) playmobil addicted we often just can’t wait until they come out here. So last year when we visited Germany my daughter fell in love with the newest Playmobil house, but she patiently waited until Christmas a few months after until she received it.

We love Playmobil for so many reasons.

  1. My siblings (10 years older than me) already grew up with it. I have played with it all my life, 30+ and I have many sets and pieces that even my own kids now play with.
  2. The quality is outstanding ( the above statement should clarify that πŸ™‚ )
  3. The details are amazing !!!
  4. They always come out with new, wonderful, sets that you can add-on to anything prior.
  5. Imaginary toys are simply the best, and there is no limit to your imagination !!

When I was little I spent many, many hours just playing away. Creating stories about anything you could possibly imagine. Family lives, castles, knights and princesses, pony farms, zoos and hospitals.. anything exists in Playmobil and it really is unlimited fun !

If you have never owned anything Playmobil, don’t be surprised to get a box of many pieces upon arrival. You do have to put them together (adult is best) yourself and if your child is very impatient you might want to do it a night before. It’s a fairly easy process though and depending on the set, done relatively fast ! Unfortunately I don’t have access to many pictures right now, but I just could not wait to share these exciting news with you πŸ™‚

You can find it on amazon here ( affiliated link )

Our picture do contain a few extra pieces that are not included in the original set. There are many other sets available for different houses and you can mix and match any way you like πŸ˜‰

mansion 2

playmo mansion 1

3 thoughts on “Playmobil another review.. the modern luxury mansion

  1. I just recently started blogging weekly with Playmobil. It started because I was getting bored with my regular photo theme blog…. It’s turned into something, fun, silly and my friends are looking forward to seeing what I come up with next. It didn’t take long to become addicted! Your right, they have everything!

    1. I love your project, so very fun !! I have played around in the winter months with playmobil and my photography here and there, it is so fun to be creative like that. I will keep checking on your blog and share it with my girls, I bet they will be thrilled to see some of them !!!

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