Happiness projects.. ideas to think postive

What do you guys all think of happiness and positive thinking projects ??

I have done quite a few and first at the thought of this I just thought, ugh not again. Thanksgiving is coming up and everyone will be doing, “what I am thankful for” again. Not that there is anything wrong with it, I think it is absolutely important and wonderful to focus on these things and pretty much more important than ever, in this fast-moving world.  So on a second thought, I thought “why, not”. I am in a new area, my options on what we can do during the week are limited and I need to focus on positive things, after all this is what we wanted and there are so many amazing things here to be thankful for, right now and right here. I need to let go of the stress and worries, things I can’t change right this second and just have to wait another few weeks. As hard as some of this is for me, it needs to happen before I drive myself crazy.

So, what have your favorite “happiness” or, “positive thinking” projects been ? Does anyone have a specific idea, a new twist on things ? I might just go with the normal, once a day picture since it is hard for me to upload any from my big SLR camera right now. Making things as easy as possible is definitely something that increases my happiness 😉

let me hear your ideas…  🙂

Pretty please,


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