Hello from the Pacific North West

Oh boy, how time has gotten away from me. A lot has happened and I really still only have time to make a quick update here. I am now “reporting” from our new home, deep down in the valley of a sweet town in southern Oregon. We have been incredibly busy moving from Texas to Portland, and then 2 months later from Portland to southern Oregon. It has been an amazing experience, but of course this time has not been easy. We have met many amazing people already and had great family support from far away, in the end it is just me, hubby and the kids though ( and three cats) and it has been exhausting trying to make this move happen. Nevertheless we got it done, and we are slowly getting settled here.

We are now in the middle of our new Moving beyond the page year 9-11 and also 6-8 ! Getting adjusted to our new schedules ( hubby no longer working 4 days on, 4 days off but back to 5 days a week ) is another different story , which I could devote a whole blog post about, but my time is literally so limited ( my kids are getting dressed and ready to start todays studies) but we are working through it and things are going the right way.
I have soo so much more to share with y’all, but for now I will leave you with this great link to some wonderful videos from Travel kids ! We are slowly wrapping up the states studies from 9-11 and travel kids have always been a favorite and they are free to watch with Amazon prime !!


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