Happy 3rd Advent

Today is the 3rd Advent already. My, oh my time is racing. We got totally surprised here in southern Oregon this morning, by a nice coating of fresh snow. It was not supposed to hit the valleys but we were s excited to take out Zipfelbobs for a test run. Who would have thought we get the chance so fast.

Our snow was very wet and slushy, but the sleds still performed awesome !

I loved that they can carry these sleds so easily by themselves. They are super light, easy to stir. Just drop it in the snow and go… !!!


We are hoping for more snow tonight, it would be awesome to take out the sleds a little more. If not, we are planning a little trip up the mountains, but since snow chains are required up there we will have to head out to get those first. If you are curious about our ” Zipfelbob
go check them out (aff.link) I have had many sleds in my life growing up in Germany but these are so easy and maintenance free, I am really glad we choose these. I wanted the big, wooden, traditional one first, but they are soo expensive and require that you take care of them well after playing outside.

Anyways, hope you are having a lovely day , we are heading back inside now to snuggle up and play some more on this lovely 3rd Advent ! Just a few more days till Christmas 😀


This set comes from this  Playmobil advent calendar (aff link ) it goes along with the modern villa that was just recently released in the USA 😀 My daughter loves the modern style on the people and the furniture, and of course PURPLE lol… We opted for this one this year PLAYMOBIL Advent calendar – Dress Up for the big party I will have to post some more details of whats inside soon !

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