Ruffleclaw * bookreview*

Ruffleclaw by Cornelia Funke (aff link)



Our 6 year old daughter had received this book from grandma for St.Nick’s day. She is a little tomboy anyways, so the subject ” monsters ” was fitting. Cornelia Funke is not an unknown author to us, she is indeed very popular in Germany and has written several bestsellers. One of our favorite one is Dragonrider, which I thought we had written about already but I guess we will have to make another post about someday. I can’t up with all these books, somedays 😉

Anyways, back Ruffleclaw. He is a silly, little monster that dreams about living with the little boy Tommy  and wants to leave the monsters burrow. In the middle of the night he makes his escape and startles Tommy when he climbs right into his bed.  Ruffleclaw is a very silly, at times naughty, misbehaving monster, that also isn’t always very polite, especially to Tommy’s mother. It didn’t bother me too much, after all Ruffleclaw is a monster and I expected it to behave like one . I do find that he adjusts to living with Tommy and his family towards the end, but for some readers, maybe not enough.  The book is written in a a fun and silly way and it was a relatively quick read for our 6 year old.

She is a very advanced reader,has read the first Harry Potter already, but often if the book is just too advanced or just too thick  she will not make it through. This was easy and fun for her, and she finished the book in the matter of a week with a a lot of enthusiasm. A perfect little chapter book. This might not be Cornelia Funke’s best book, but I am excited to share some smaller chapter books with my younger child that get her excited and happy about reading, and this book was exactly that !



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