New year, shnew year ..Goals,Plans the usual

Yeah, yeah, yeah….. the new year is knocking !!!

As always this year has passed in a blur. More than ever really, with the move. I feel like half of it has been ripped away from me just from selling the old house, moving, etc. It’s hard but oh well, now it’s time to fully open this new chapter : Oregon ! 2016 !

When I was little I was excited about the new year. I thought ” wow a new year, so many new possibilities, so many new chances !” Also a new year felt like forever, an eternity. I didn’t feel like i had to make many plans to even just get half of them accomplished. I know better now. 2016 will pass by in a blur too, if I am not careful.

I used to say I am not big into planning but honestly I am. I love to write list, for anything and everything. They are all over the house. If I don’t make lists, whatever should be on that list, probably won’t get done. I feel, excited about making lists, too. That’s what’s scary. I used to decorate them, color them, make them pretty with stickers…. Just all those things, planners and listmakers do, right ?  So, let’s be honest. I LOVE MAKING LISTS. And I just have to accept that I am more of a planner, and not as spontaneous often as I might like to be. The perfect match for me is to have a plan, and a routine. As long as I have that I am okay to break free from it every so often, but I know I have a backup plan that catches me and I can fall back to it.

Right now we really have none of it. After the move everything has been completely non scheduled, and it is driving me NUTS. I can’t take it. And this will be main priority for the new year to get everyone back into a working schedule. Me especially.( because I know I have to start on myself before I complain, nag etc about everyone else)  And then the kiddos. Homeschooling. Playdates. Hubby falls into whatever anyways, since he of course  has his somewhat scheduled work that keeps him aligned.

Going back to 5-day work week, full time cooking everyday ( with also a lot less eating out possibilities in the area ) is inspiring me in new ways as well though and I am excited about actually doing more cooking with the kids.

Another important fact is that we will have to spend some time on trying to make friends. It has been hard in the last few months here. With the holidays it has been pushed around. Not many play date opportunities have come up. People have been busy. We have been busy. I will have to make time.

We have big and small renovation wishes for the house that will have to be addressed step by step. Some of it will definitely have to get done soon, others will just have to wait. Some of those ideas, involve a lot of money, and a lot of time. Having done many renovations before, I know what that means. It means, months of work, sweat, a lot of money poured into this house and just time not doing much else. As badly as I want to do many of the renovations I am most worried about spending the time on them. Even though my husband and I always do them together, and it really in a way is so much fun, I will have to make a list with only the highest priorities and set a limit. ( see making lists already again) A limit for the budget and time. Or the year will be entirely spend doing renovations.

And there is so much more I want from the new year.

I want to travel. I want to see so much more of Oregon. After all, seeing the unique nature in Oregon was what made us want to move here. The girls are incredibly excited about possibly visiting California, mainly of course Disney, or Universal. I am excited about visiting Sacramento or San Francisco. I would love to visit Seattle. And I would love to visit family back in Germany. My grandfather turned 90 years last summer and my other grandmother is about to turn 90 in Spring.

Just thinking of that makes my heart ache, and it is so incredibly hard to be away from the all. It’s been nearly a year and a half again that we have been there and time just races along. I wish it wouldn’t always be so expensive to go. And I also wish the world wasn’t such a crazy place that I wouldn’t have to worry about even going “home” so much.

So these are some plans and ideas and then there is that other feeling deep inside of me that is still wondering about … well… about another child. Such a big decision and lately I am longing for it. It is incredibly hart so even write about it because I am so torn in many ways. I don’t know why the decision seems so,so, so  much harder these days.  Deciding on baby number one was a given. And baby number 2 didn’t take a lot of convincing on either part either. But now…  it’s just hard… 😦 .

I am sure the new year will provide it’s own answers for all those questions I have.  I am happy, excited, scared and worried all at the same time. But I know in the end I have my family to fall back on whatever happens. My husband and my two wonderful girls. Family, health, a roof over our head is in the end most important. I know we can rock 2016 !

So this got pretty personal. But since blogging, is on my priority list for the new year as well, I am okay with that. Writing has become a big passion together with my photography and There just has to be more time for it in 2016 ! You see, my list is getting longer and long.

So what are your expectations for the new years ? Will you make plans ?

I will order me a new planner this time. Before I used to make my own Homeschool planner, etc but it never turned out exactly how I wanted it and I was still upset with it in the end and didn’t enjoy it as much. Mainly because I am cheap and also didn’t print it on pretty paper or even in color ! Lol ! So I figured I would spoil myself to a pretty planner at the beginning of the new year and hopefully I will stick to planning and it will help in the long run ! Trying to decide between these two… Hmm decisions, decisions 😉



Oh and while we are talking about resolutions, habits etc. I think I will also try to get a copy of Gretchen Rubin’s  newest book. I really wanted to pre-order it when she announced it, because I LOVED her last two books, about happiness so very much. It has gotten wonderful reviews already and her books are just so fun to read, but still inspiring and life changing at the same time.

With that I will send you off into the new year.I’m hoping I will find some time in between the next few days for some other fun reviews from the kids awesome Christmas toys. Other than that , I wish you all the best for the new year and hope all your wishes, dreams and goals will be accomplished !

2 thoughts on “New year, shnew year ..Goals,Plans the usual

  1. I vote A, love the quote. I loved this post, thanks for sharing. I totally get the new baby bug, and it extremely hard. I had a boy and a girl, but when I hit 30 I wanted another. So. Bad. A friend had a little boy that looked just like my son when he was little, I cried and cried. Now I am older, that has passed. I am so very happy with the two I have, but wanted to say the struggle is real and hard. I am sure you will find a way through it. Enjoy your day!

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