THE BOOKS ARE DUE ! ( printable)

The Library is big in our family. It’s like our second home and has turned out to be a great start to meet the community every time we have moved.

But it is so incredibly hard to keep track of our books some days 😉

I am sure you have all been there. At our current library there is no limit of books that you can check out, and my kids are quick to pick up on that and take advantage of it. Unfortunately there are due dates.  I am pretty strict with our library books and we have a certain place where we keep them, and that alone makes things a bit easier at time. But it is still chaos when books are due 😉

So I came up with a little fun list/ printable (remember my last post, yeap, I am big on lists). I will try to print it out every week, hang it on the pin board and the kids can easily add requests on the paper ( interests each week) so we can remember to look certain books up, and I can add on the list which books are immediately due or have been requested to go back to the library. This will hopefully help them to set their own priorities to read certain books first and finish  other books in due time. They can also add which books they have already finished, so you can just grab them, stuff them in the book back and take them back to the library before those hefty fines come in ! If you are keeping a reading log for your kids, it might also help to keep track of all books checked out.  Fee free to save the image below to print it out as well 🙂 Here is to a new ,organized year !


One thought on “THE BOOKS ARE DUE ! ( printable)

  1. That is such a cute idea! When my son was younger and a more ferocious reader, I carried books out of the library by the truckload, and overdue fees were a given. I just couldn’t keep track… could have used this printout. 🙂

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