Personal goals, a journal and (half) a book review



A few weeks ago I was deciding on my new planner for the year. A homeschool planner is important for me and I just can’t deal with the traditional ones. After doing some research I really liked this option, not just for homeschooling but also for my personal agenda.

After back and forth questioning, I finally ordered this one and it turns out to be a great buy. The cover makes me want to pick it up every day, it’s what I need to hear right now facing so many new challenges in our new place. My new pens are also a nice addition for color coding everyone’s schedule. I never thought planning would add so much to my daily happiness, but actually making time for all of these things, like planning and more reading, has made me happier. I don’t question myself constantly what I would cook, or what we do each day. I so often thought I would be more of a free-floater but I guess I am more of a planner than I’d like to admit it.  And that’s totally okay.

The book has a great room for personal goals, which was one of the big selling features. Personal goal setting isn’t for everyone ( more and more businesses ask their employees to set personal goals, and I am not sure forcing the issues helps that many people , but that’s another blog post) but to me in my personal life it helps me deal with all the expecatations I create from myself. The book lets you set your priorities, daily goals, monthly goals. It has an overview for the month and a daily planner option as well. I use the daily stuff mainly for our homeschooling ( short lesson plan check),  cooking list and addition chores, errands, apointments etc.  Im only on week three but so far I am pleased with myself and the journal.




Together with the journal I also ordered myself another little treat, the newest book by Gretchen Rubin  Better Than Before . I read both her other happiness books Happier at Home,   The Happiness Project and really enjoyed them so much that I was excited the moment she announced the new book. It talks about ” habits” and it really adds to my journey of Growth for this year. I never would have thought I would enjoy reading about Psychology  , the subject ” happiness”, how people think, how the function, and what makes you happy. I guess in that way I am much of a questioner looking for more and more answers about myself. I must say that it not only helps me on my personal journey though, but it also helps me understand the people around me, my children and my husband. I just started the book a few days ago, because I needed to finish the third book from the outlander series before :). ( I have the next books waiting as well, but I thought this book was a great in between read ) . It turns out to be a fantastic , inspiring read so far and it has really made me question my daily habits, how I could improve my daily accomplishments, not feeling so overwhelmed overall.

Have you set personal goals for this year ? Are you a planner or a free floater ? Do you think working on habits can overall help you during your day or a better, happier you for the new year ?

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