Working on new habits

Hello February. Once again you have arrived faster than I thought. Your buddy January was a fast moving month for sure. For the new year I did make my personal resolutions this year and I also choose a word.


It seemed to be a good, fitting word for so many paths in my life right now. So many fields I want myself and us to grow in. Even my husband agreed it would be a good fit for the whole family.

Most of all I want to grow more happiness in our home. I want us to grow more together, working together, living together. I want to connect more.
I want to extend and exceed and grow our horizon while we explore the North West, our new home.
I want to grow this house into our new home.
I want to grow my horizon by reading more, started working on my own reading log  and promised myself to read at least 50 books.
I want to grow friends in our new place, for myself and our family.
I want to grow my cooking skills.
I want to grow my blog.
I want to grow healthier habits in our family life.
And I might just want to grow another baby.
I want to grow into being more me, again.

The list is long, but it seems right. Taking the time and actually thinking of how I could accomplish some of these goals was important. What can I do to make some of these things happen ? Some are of course more obvious than others, like the very last one, lol, but there is a lot of thought behind all of these as well. A lot of thinking processes involved and time to grow into some of these ideas and they are not easily done in a minute. Let’s face it, starting new habits is hard.

Gretchen Rubins latest book Better Than Before has helped a lot to learn about my habits this last month. I am still not done with the book, even though it is a quick read I am still struggling making time for my habit of reading. I want to make time for it so badly and yet it is so hard.
Nevertheless a start is a start. And the first steps are done, and it feels great.

Growing a happier me, is not something done in a day. I guess a lot of us try to work on this subject daily, maybe for years,and  it might never fell “finished”.
Finding out what makes you happy is a good start, though.

I have noticed that scheduling and planning is a key in making my life easier and with that happier. I bought the Planner .

And it turned out to a be great tool to make my resolutions happen.

Every Sunday now I sit down and make my plan for the next week for our homeschool activities, play dates, apointments and so on. I also make our meal plan, grocery list, library list.
The journal has room for daily, weekly and monthly goals. Just writing these down and being reminded daily has helped me work on them.

I also took a few steps in building new friends, which required me to jump out of my bubble more than I really like, but it turns out it makes me incredibly happy when I make these jumps. I opened a new homeschool group in our area, started talking to different organisations in town for meeting places, and committed to our new Lego group by purchasing a HUGE amount of Legos.

I also worked a lot on the blog this month, which was rewarded with great feedback and a lot of new subscribers.

My meal planning also turned out to be a huge help, even though big stones were pushed into my way. First this month our water heater broke and then the day after our oven.
Trust me, you don’t know how much you rely on an oven until you don’t have one.
I had to scrap half of my list. And I instantly felt stressed again, trying to figure out once more, what to cook. It turns out most times, I really enjoy cooking. It makes me happy providing good food for my family and it even is exciting to try out new recipes. It’s just the daily recurring fact on what to cook that drives me crazy.
Our oven repair has turned out to be a huge ordeal, dealing with the insurance company and local electrician. Very frustrating especially when your husband could fix it himself but you rely on their time, money and agenda. But this is a different story and I really just wanted to emphasize on how much this meal planning has really helped.

How have your new years resolutions gone so far ? Are you sticking to any of them  ? Is it hard for you to make the changes  ?

I still find it hard to stick to many of them, but I can see that some of my ideas are working and that all by itself is inspiring to keep going.




2 thoughts on “Working on new habits

  1. I love your comment that a start is a start—full stop. Also, writing in colorful pens is a sure way to cheer me up and motivate me to cross things off my list! Happy to find your blog.

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