Good morning, where is my coffee ?

Do you ever feel like you did not get ANY sleep at night ? That’s me today.

I mean, I go to bed at a somewhat decent time ( okay, I’m still working on those habits) but  I fall asleep rather quickly most times. I don’t toss and turn. But lately I dream a lot again. Dreaming is fun and for a while I was addicted to read all about dream studies, and got every book that I could find, this goes way back to before my husband and I were even married.

When he got deployed to Iraq, back right at the beginning of the war, there was no way we could keep in touch. No email, no phone calls, letters would take forever. There was no way of me knowing how he was doing. It was an awful time, a time I will never forget. One morning, I think it was nearly about a week after he left Germany I dreamed. I dreamed that he whispered in my ear, that he was okay, that he misses and loves me and would call me as soon as it was possible.

That night, one of the other soldiers wives called me that she got a call that they are all okay. Since I was not even married to my husband back then it was hard to get official news and in no way was I expecting any news from anyone. So I was incredibly thankful, that he was able to arrange this back then. A few days later he was able to reach me through a satellite phone. I will never, ever forget this time.

So dreams and I have a love and hate relationship. I have had some really horrible dreams back when I was even younger, a lot of stuff from school I probably processed through them.  Last nights dream was a bit different, lol.

I woke up with neighbors chasing us, jumping our fences with signs and screaming in front of our front door :


Renovations are big on our minds lately, but I had no idea that much 😉 Do you ever have crazy dreams ? What was your silliest dream, lately ?

Anyways, I hope you are enjoying your coffee, have a wonderful Friday and a good start into the weekend !

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