Coloring books, forming new habits as a family

colobookhomsdColoring books are the latest trend, and can’t deny that I love them too. They are addicting and just so fun. Finally we adults are allowed to color again,lol. 🙂 I must admit I never cared much about what others think, I always loved coloring and especially loved the early scribbling time with my kids. A time when they were just so amazed at how you colored or drew something and they just scribbled away not caring at all how it came out. It seems the older they get, the harder it gets. But I have always tried to tell them that there is no right or wrong with art especially.  Unfortunately my daughter struggled with this, ever since she visited public school.

What amazed me the most was that my husband even wanted to join us. I would have never thought that he would enjoy it as much. But as soon as I got my first coloring book and he saw it, he wanted his own, he said it would be fun to color together and talk and it would help him to relax. So we ordered more pens and pencils and he picked his own book.

With all our new plans for new habits and better living we agreed to Friday family nights. The kids voted for board games and movie nights with popcorn, but I think we will also switch it up with friday night coloring parties 🙂

This is my favorite coloring book right now. I love the Forest, it is my place to be. Forest animals and everything else that comes along with this subject. So this one is perfect for me.

This is the one my husband picked, pirate ships and treasures.. ahoy.. !


Our kiddo’s have so many coloring books, that I have had to go through many times to get rid of some. You know the ones from toddler times, Sesame street, Elmo and co. It’s hard to let go but they have clearly moved on. They still enjoy the fashion design books a lot though, those are still high on their list.

My little one is obsessed with Africa, I know she would love this one so much.

This morning I saw that a new Harry Potter one was just released. I was so upset that some of these were not released before Christmas, lol.

There are so many cool ones out there, which makes it incredibly hard to pick. These are definitely on my list. I think no matter what you like you can find a suitable coloring book. If it’s Dr.Who, Harry Potter or Games of thrones…  I know just sitting together, listening to music and coloring away will be a great time to relax and maybe a good time to bring up certain things in conversation.

Yes, I am a fan of her books and have read a few. Coloring these while watching the show or listening to the audio book would be fun 😉

These are just so pretty !


Anyways, it is hard forming new habits, for yourself or the whole family. It will take a while to get into new routines, and honestly I am struggling with a lot of it. Every time I feel like I am getting on track something is out to get me and throw me off. A few weeks ago our oven broke and now this week everyone has been sick.  But that is life, I guess. And pretty much the reason why I want to form better habits. Something to fall back to, when life gets crazy 🙂

3 thoughts on “Coloring books, forming new habits as a family

  1. We all love coloring books too. I’ve been eyeballing the Harry Potter one and I’m sure it will make it into our collection eventually.

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