Concept 3 Culture Studies 6-8

We are still knee-deep in our culture studies with 6-8 and are really enjoying this unit a whole lot. We found so many wonderful books, about cultures, traditions and the beautiful countries that it is hard to stay on track. But as always it is wonderful to see your child engaged and excited about the activities and it’s a great time to slow down a little with all the holidays happening around the world.

I have already posted about some of our activities before, here .We checked off a few other activities the last few weeks. It was great timing since the Chinese new year was really just being celebrated.

We painted our beautiful Chinese new year banners with good luck quotes. Both girls joined in the fun for this one. We did not have red paper so we just chose our long butcher paper and painted several coats of red paint until we got that deep red color. It took a while to dry. Then we chose our good luck charms and wishes. And last, we added a beautiful golden frame around it. The banners now hang  in the girls rooms !




We also watched some great videos on Youtube again. I added several to my list , you can see all fiting for the 6-8 level here YouTube 6-8. This is just one of the ones about the ” Chinese New year “.


We learnt a little more about the differences all over the world. The way people live, jobs, foods, transportation and religion. We were excited to hear that a co-worker from  Dad’s work was willing to answer a little interview paper about living in South Africa. We excitedly looked up even more foods and holidays from around the world.

Then, we really enjoyed the two books shown in the picture above.

We got extremely lucky with this book, because I found it used in a local bookstore for $3. I saw that it is still available in paperback on Amazon for a slightly higher price, new and would definitely still recommend it for that price.  It was even before we had started the concept, but it seemed like such a great addition to the culture studies. It really is an amazing book and could not be a better fit. It is beautifully illustrated and shows great details about the life in Japan.  A lot of words are even introduced and brought into the story, food, traditions, clothing and holidays. I was almost shocked to find that much detail in it, and my older daughter joined us once again for our read-a loud time. I thing this book will be read many more times.

This book is part of the selected books from MBTP . You can definitely tell that we are picking up the speed and things are getting more complex in some of the work. This book had a lot of detail as well, a lot of information to understand all at once. That’s why in many units you are asked to re-read these bigger books. Sometimes this seems boring to the kiddos, but then they often notice too that there were many things they missed the first time they read it. So this book had some great pictures included, as well as several great maps. Another book that will be useful for many studies ahead, I am sure. A good one for the library !

Instead of  “Final Projects”  in this Unit, we will be making our own little Guide books !

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