ZooTopia ZooTopia ZooTopia

Guess what ? ZooTopia was just released into the theaters yesterday. It is getting great reviews already, and we are beyond excited to go see it as well ( hopefully this weekend). It sure has been a while that we have seen a good movie in the theater.

New movies are always fun, and some movies just have that special something, that will turn them into a favorite for your kids, for years to come or even forever !  For us that has been MINIONS / Despicable ME. It has been # 1 for years. Don’t get me wrong, I love those movies too, but I’d be ready for a new favorite 😉

Anyways, we aren’t big one buying plastic toys and other themed items from movies, but we love to dig deeper and re-read the stories. Maybe even dream up sequels, draw pictures, or color some beautiful related art to add them as posters to the kids bedrooms. Here are some beautiful related books to ZooTopia to check out !

The Essential Guide has super cute info about all the new characters of the movie. Big, bright and beautiful images will engage your kids and get them excited to watch the movie

The art of ZooTopia is a special one for sure. It tells all secrets of the making of, how the story and images came to life. Beautifully done, if you have a kid with a love for cartoons, this one would be the one to look at !

Read-Alongs are always fun ! Unfortunately here in the US we don’t have the audio cd’s that are really identical to the movie ( in Europe these are a big thing and we often order them in German). But these Read- Alongs are great too !

My 6 year old loves the junior novels to the books !! Most often they are still a fairly easy and quick read and stay close to the exact story of the movie !

Another classic.. GOLDEN BOOKS. We have loved golden books, especially when the kids were younger.

One thing we do not seem to get away from even as they get older. Stickerbooks… my 6 year old still loves sticker books like crazy !

Step Into reading is a great series as well, of course. We have so many of these, but even though my youngest has passed this level of reading already, she still loves to pull these back out for a short, quick read whenever she has a few minutes !


We are beyond excited to go see the movie. If you go see it too, please leave a comment about what you thought of the movie. I am always curious to hear what everyone thinks. Did you love it or hate it ? I am excited to see what my kids think, but I am hoping this one will be a winner. I adore the characters so much already !

6 thoughts on “ZooTopia ZooTopia ZooTopia

  1. My husband took my 3 and 5 year olds today. He house it was a bit violent and had a lot of adult humor. So basically it was like every movie out there. I didn’t get to see it, so I personally can’t weigh in.

    1. seems to be the trend lately :/ There have been quite a few movies that I really did not love very much in the last year. Inside out was one of them, but we also moved at that time.. lol..it was just a bad fit at the time 😉

      1. I think all 4 of us cried during this movie and lots of sobbing even around us in the theater ! it was awful lol! I kept looking at my husband like ” seriously ? what kind of movie is this ? ” We had no idea it was this sad. My kids still want to buy it, but i refuse lol. It had good parts too, but I can think of better, funnier movies on a Sunday afternoon 😉

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